Saturday, May 13, 2006

Chicks & Tattoos

I love it when tattoo artists presume that because you are a woman that you know nothing about tattoos and talk down to you and don't listen to what you are saying. I love that because that makes my decision of where to not get a tattoo so much easier.
Me: Well, I drew up this sketch and I know I can't draw tattoos so I was wondering-
Him: That can't work for a tattoo.
Me: (pause) Yes, I know. What I want is-
Him: This inner star would just bleed into the outline.
Me: (sigh) Yes, I know. This is smaller-
Him: This type of detail can't be replicated. And this part would bleed as well.
Me: Yes well, thanks for your time. Byebye now!

In other news, I get to wear a catwoman (original catwoman, not Halle (shudder)) shirt to work! Wheeeee! Kudos for working in a comic book store!

Update: Do not go to Adrenaline tattoos


Helen said...

A catwoman tshirt sounds cool. And it reminds me that I need to wear my monkey tshirt to work! (reminds me on the theme of tshirts, not that Catwoman make sme think of monkeys!)

Annika said...

You should send a thank you note to the shop. "Dear Shop Owner, I just wanted to drop you a note and let you know how very helpful Tattoo Artist was. [repeat conversation] With that kind of friendly condescension, you'll stay in business forEVER, but you won't get a penny from me. Love, Leone."