Monday, May 01, 2006

Holy Fast Shipment Amazon!

So I ordered a book on Amazon last week, I think it was Wednesday or something, and today I see a mailpost van in the driveway and I run out all excitied cause I'm like... wheee! My book! Now, it is a big book, around 11 " by 11" approx, but the box this guy is holding is huge! So I just think, oh, it's a wedding prezzie for Jenn, and it does say Amazon on the side, but Jenn's gotten Amazon presents already so nothing new. Anyhoo, I get the box, and my name is on it! It's my book! My obviously incredibly fragile book because it was packed in a huge box with those massive air filled ziploc bags. Now, there was also a newspaper like thingie about books in my order, so maybe that was why, but nevertheless, I got my book! It's the one I raved about earlier, Module Magic by Ginger Luters.

And I'm doing good about not buying yarn. I had to get the mohair in order to finish my shawl since I ran out but otherwise so far so good. I read this article in knitty and it made me think about my growing yarn stash. I also started knitting with the yarn I bought at The Never Ending Yarn and it is esquisite! (is that word correctly spelled?) I want a digitial camera. So bad. I may go down to london drugs and hold a few today. Oh, and with all my yarn that I have left over from other projects I'm knitting little squares and such and going to put in into a horridly mismatched afghan one day. I'm very excited.

In other news, I have another five days off in a row but I do believe this is the last time for the summer, which is good, detailing I want to buy an ipod as well as a camera. I have no big goals this week, except to get out and walk everyday.

In other news, for the first time in my life, I drank beer. Two cans people, two cans! It only took me about four hours as well.

Well, I'm off to have a cheese sandwich. The kitties have finally quieted down but detailing all the noise they were making while I was writing this blog I also need to go put the rugs back in their proper places (instead of all smooshed into the wall) and possibily pick up some of the dishes I just washed off the floor. Sigh. Kitties.

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Helen said...

I'm now listed as "FirmAss" on your side panel. This amused me a lot!

Because I've rejigged my trip and it's gonna be a bit cheaper than I had previously planned, that might free some money to update my camera and get a better one!