Thursday, May 25, 2006

Things I've learned in the past week

1. Don't put an end table and a whole bunch of trinkets where your laundry basket was cause at night you'll throw your robe at it and break stuff.

2. Don't let Spawnkitties near tulips.

3. Jim Henson is a God (already knew that, but got reinforced) (and yes, I know he has passed on but still is a God).

4. Don't fall asleep ontop of a knitting pattern (or knitting needles for that matter) because it will have a weird effect on your dreams (ever tried reading a chart in your dreams? So insanely frustrating).

5. Don't point at a knitting magazine and proclaim loudly about how much it sucks only to open it and realize there are patterns you like because then you can't buy it (at least when there are other people around).

6. When you carry a massive sketchbook, a collection of pencils, and a reference book up a steep and long hill, make sure you are actually in the mood to draw. Or else you just bitch a lot about the weight, and then throw things at the other people around you as they draw.

7. Mothers are amazing. Wheeeee for Annika!

8. Brother-in-laws are good things in life and everyone should have one. Especially one with Bears. And a fondness for Pita Pit.

9. Drunk Monkeys can knit like nothing else!

And that concludes my blog entry at this time. Archives and further blog reading can be found on the righthand side of the screen (your right, not the computers right).


Helen said...

What's Pita Pit and Drunk Monkeys?

Also, now I'm curious as to what happened between the tulips and the Spawnkitties.

And finally, it took me a second to realise the BIL is Jim. [doh]

Annika said...

Yay me!


Jenn said...

Ah yes. The tulips....


Leone said...

Pita Pit is a wonderful place to go eat and Drunk Monkey is on the blog list (she knits). Yay Annika for having a baby! Named Sam! Wheeee!

Melly said...

Hehehe I love this post.

brooke t. higgins said...

Wow! I made it into a post! You made my morning. Thanks! :)