Wednesday, May 03, 2006

So, what do you think?

I want this soooooooo badly.

Update: nevermind. Don't want it anymore.


Eileen said...

Fickle much? ;)

Leone said...

Jenn was helpful and pointed out some doohickeys on it that I wouldn't like. I am now looking at this panasonic one that has an image stabilizer that still has the 10x zoom and the 6mp.

Helen said...

I've fallen in love with the Canon Powershot A620. In the 2 days since I last looked, it's been reduced in price by £2. It must be a sign! [rotflmao]

Also glad that a) I didn't choose a certain SD memory card and b) if I had chosen that one, that I ddin't wait to buy - it's gone up £10 (50%!!) since I lask looked at the weekend. I chose another brand luckily and bought right then.

The A620 got ratings of 8.2 for useability and photo quality on (check it out for any cameras you want to review)

Helen said...

this is the camera I'm eyeing up...

And this is the website I mentioned, with the review for the camera I just linked to. Turns out I was wrong and it got 9.2, not 8.2 on its ratings!

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julia said...

if only the spam had come in during the semestre... you might have been tempted