Wednesday, April 26, 2006

I thought up a really good title last night but now I have forgotten it

Heh, so Monday I had a freaky productive day. Freaky I tell you! It was kinda my first day at home because I worked on Saturday and Sunday (yup, got into town on the bus at 6am and worked at 2pm, so not that bad). I am completely redoing my room and so far, I really like it. I also have gone through all my laundry and my closet and getting rid of some clothing and went through a tonne of schoolwork and have a box of paper to be recycled. I also (this is still Monday) went downtown and did some banking and this time nobody asked me to sell crack for them! I bought some organization doohickeys, like a massive CD booklet so I can stop using up bookshelf room for piles of CD cases, an extension cord so I can have a light by my bed (I hate it when you are reading in bed and you get all tired and you have to get out of bed in order to turn off the light- I lead a difficult life) and I tried in vain to get my christmas lights in working order but so far it just doesn't work (the only way I can have them where I want is to have a whole bunch of cords right above my head at night and I'm not overly keen on that idea). And I put away dishes and bought a swiffer duster! And how I dusted indeed! I also started the vast task of reorganizing my bookshelves (they will be arranged into books I have read and the ones I haven't and then in alphabetical order). I also realized I have ENOUGH knitting pattern books (for awhile at least), well, except for the module magic one that I just ordered on Amazon, but I had no module books so. I also finished my triangle shawl, which got a little upsetting because I ran out of yarn and so my last triangle is shorter than the rest because I decreased more frequently in an attempt to not run out of yarn and the last bit of the triangle is a different yarn, but still angora goat so you can't really tell. The shawl is actually also more of a shrug , much shorter than I wanted (and expected) so I'm taking it with me to my favorite yarn store to talk to Darlene about what to do. Jenn has a good idea to take a contrasting yarn and add long extensions to either side. So that was Monday!
Okay, background rant here to fill you in on explaining my Tuesday, because during the schoolyear when I spent a long time either on the nitendo, playing sims, playing the computer, or watching TV, blah blah, I would always feel really crappy afterwards, so I didn't want to do that anymore. HOWEVER, if I have a crazy productive day the day before, and I'm careful to insert little productive things throughout, I can have a day where I goof off and live guiltfree! On Tuesday, I played so much sims! So much! And Sims is also better than TV because I get so much more out of it. My major Sims family, the first one I started on Sims2, and the only one I have a storybook photo album made up for, just had their third baby (a boy) and the twin girls are only 4 days away from adulthood! (I am such a dork, I embrace that). I also did the dishes, some more laundry, the kitty litter, and the garbage yesterday, and then, Jenn and I went out for Greek! OHMYGOODNESS! I am so going back there! Not only was the dinner amazing (I don't know if I can ever have calamari anywhere else now!) but the dessert was to die for!
So now it is Wednesday, and I'm a tad tired because I woke up at 5am, and accidently woke up the kitties too, which normally would mean Spike would keep me up, but he was tired and just went into the living room to sleep, so Chuck decided to take over. He actually bit me! Chuck! I was so ready to just open Jenn's door and push him in there. He also started attacking a plastic case that some of my knitting needles come in, and when he hits it, it makes this loud pop noise and he was just smacking it and runnning away and peeling out then running back and hitting it and running away....
Anyhoo, my rambling, rambling, rambling post of the day. I'll let you know how that shawl turns out.
Prend soin!

Update: okay, I just read this on my blog, and realized I am a complete spazhead

Friday, April 21, 2006

Big Wuss

so despite the fact that I have no problem going back home and home is where my kitty is, and my sister and my knitting and my books and lots of my friends and all other stuff that I really do like mucho, I just looked up when my bus leaves tonight and I'm now all upset and weepy and don't want to pack and mopey. I'm so going to cry at the bus stop.

I am such a baby.

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Pizza pops for breakfast? Okay!

Can you tell I am at my parents? I have done lots of marvellous things since arriving, all of them stress free. Mostly though, I've done lots of knitting and lots of reading about knitting. Module Magic by Ginger Luters is excellent! I've also flipped through Unexpected Knitting by Debbie New, which is good and interesting and all, I just find it a little... preachy. Has anyone else read that one? So I decided to use my hand spun hand dyed 100% angora goat for the first time I've ever knitted using modules. After I started I was like... this was not a good idea; however, so far, no mistakes to speak off. I am very tired, I started this post quite awhile ago but have know chatted on the phone for an hour and have found myself quite fatigued. I will write more about my fabulous time at home but just quickly list some of the fun stuff I have done (cause I like lists)
  • Went for a walk with Mom
  • Finished two of the three 'cousin' scarves
  • Bought vintage knitting magazine for quarters!
  • Gone shopping at the good ol' mall here and got pretty pretty shoes for work (easter present)
  • watched Lord of the Rings trilogy (the first two on TBS but the third was rented)
  • helped Mom with some of her teacher stuff
  • eaten tonnes of good food (like cookies and easter bunnies and pizza pops) and eaten tonnes of good food (like squash and corn and baked veggies and homemade veggie chili and veggie lasagna)
  • played the original sims (heh)
  • went to a local restaurant/pub with a dear friend and had lots of fun drinks (remind me to tell you about the orgasm story)
  • not once have I slept in past 9 am!
  • Had lots of coffee at the most wonderful coffee cafe ever
  • Went to the yarn store and bought 30$ worth of yarn for only 16$ and resisted (just barely) buying a 75$ set that included hand spun fingering weight wool dyed candy soft pink in smooth and in loopy (I lack knowing the proper name or title of this yarn) from NS

And now, even though I'm sure I've forgotten lots of things, I retire. Bonne nuit!

Thursday, April 13, 2006

Well... guess I'm done

Wow, that was possibly the longest four months of my life. When I think back to January and going to my first week of classes it seems like it was a lifetime ago. So in January...
  • Going have my graduation requirements done by August
  • Applying for the UNBC september education program
  • volunteering at a school twice a week
  • Presenting in PsycOut.
  • Had a good friend 'X'
  • Had a major crush on 'R'
  • Freakishly unhappy and prone to nervous breakdowns

And now....

  • Taking another year to grad
  • Taking the summer off
  • Going to apply for this university but hopefully get into UBC or UVIC education program
  • Thankfully, due to dropping my methods course, I did not have to present at PsycOut
  • Said friend X now acts like a total spaz when they even see me in the hallway
  • Major crush was a major letdown and is now a good acquaintance
  • still prone to nervous breakdowns but much, much happier

So yeah, my last exam was a good way to end the saga of the winter 06 semester since it was probably the HARDEST exam I have ever taken. I mean, eeeeeeevil. Evil. However, I'm pretty sure I passed, and like I stated before, I just needed to pass to get a C- so let's keep our fingers crossed people!

Now that school is over (for a bit at least), I'm going to have to define my angst with something else. I really don't go for that whole tortured artist crap, so are there angsty knitters? Who rage against the machine by knitting scarves for their cousins? In fun fur? That sparkles? Wheeeee! Maybe I'll just lay the teenage angst to the side and see what just happens. Maybe I'll just be angsty again and then we will know that it's innate. Maybe I actually have a cheerful and charming personality under all this school stress. Meh. I need people to give me books to read (well, the titles of books to read, or if they really want, they can give me books too) over the summer! I'll find my started list at home and blog that soon. I'll probably blog more. Heh. Blogging is cool.

Tata! I am off to lead my school-less life for awhile! Wish me luck!

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Wikimeme (from bettie)

Enter your birthdate into wikipedia and list three events, two births, and one death.

December 25th:
  • 274 - Roman Emperor Aurelian has a temple dedicated to Sol Invictus on the supposed day of the solstice and day of rebirth of the Sun.
  • 1939 - Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer is introduced by Montgomery Ward stores.
  • 1987- In one of the highest-rated episodes in Coronation Street history, Hilda Ogden leaves her home of 23 years to be a char to her doctor in the country.
  • 1667 - Ehrengard Melusine von der Schulenburg, Duchess of Kendal and Munster, English royal mistress (d. 1743)
  • 1674 - Thomas Halyburton, Scottish theologian (d. 1712)
  • 1977 - Charlie Chaplin, English actor (b. 1889)
And even though I wasn't tagged, I'm going to tag Eileen, Podgy, and Helen!

~Pips & Giggles~

Wheeee! I made a math error today that has in turn made me happy! I thought I need 61% on my final in order to get a C- in Biology but it turns out I only need a 49% to get a C-, so who knows, maybe I get higher than a C-! Like a C or something! Wow, how far have my standards fallen! I'm so excited about this that I can't stop thinking and writing in exclamation marks!

Moral of the story: NEVER take biology. Ever. As well, Adrienne and Jodi are completely mad. That is the only way anyone could ever take introduction biology and continue on. Don't get me wrong, I still respect you two and everything. You are just both stark raving mad.

Moral of the day: do not drink three cups of strong coffee (espresso strong) in under two hours cause your tummy will hurt for the rest of the day.

Moral of the hour: maybe I shouldn't be making smart-ass comments about my intelligent friends, cause I may need to borrow money off them one day or something.

Also, don't eat the hummus!

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

In other news....

I cannot make myself study any more, and I went to do dishes but the water is too hot so I figured that was a sign to go blog. In all fairness to school, detailing my lack of caring and studying for my courses, I'm doing pretty well. I'm getting fine grades in my two psych courses and so far, I passed my biology lab section (just found out this morning, sooooo happy) and I need 41% on the final to pass the lecture section so I'm aiming high for a 50%! Seriously though, trying to study 29 tediously long chapters is just so... tedious. Hm. My vocab is dissolving at an alarming rate. I should get these guys to write my blog entries from now on.
On the knitting front, I have finished two projects without starting any new ones (I was starting to accumulate a lot of projects) and I could finish another one soon if it wasn't for a major screw up that has got me all gloomy about it. I only have to frog it about 12 rows and at 22 stitches wide that's really no big deal but unfortunately the yarn is a mesh of yarns including mohair which is going to make that task freaking hard. I'm going to what till Mom can help me in case I panic halfway through and can't go on. I just finished my wristband that I knit for my friend Leboe, it is suppose to be 8 and a half inches long (his wrist is 7 and a half inches wide but I added an inch for the clips) so anyhoo, I'm knitting this thing on tiniest needles (1.75 mm) and I'm knitting it widthwise (?), so basically cast on 100 some odd stitches and knit I dunno, I think 30 rows, then cast off.... it's 10 and a half inches long. I mean seriously! What is up with this? I can never do my own stuff because I don't trust my knitting! I did a swatch! I measured it, I computed the stitches into the measurements and it's not suppose to do that! grrrrr. I think, however, it may not just be evil yarn, I only cast on 30 stitches for my swatch which came up to about two inches or something, so maybe I should always knit a 4 inch swatch when doing my own patterns. Hm. Gr. So basically, there is two inches of knitting that had need not be done and I hope the overlap isn't going to make the wristband look stupid. The skull and crossbones turned out great though. Maybe I can get a picture of Leboe wearing it sometime and blog it. I'm trying to make it curl less right now and the pins I'm using are all sorts of colours and they look skittles.
Well, I'm sure the dish water has cooled enough by now (the trick is not to wait till it gets cold and unuseable). I have so many chores to do. It looks like a clothing bomb went off in my room, and don't even get me started on the papers I need to go through for recycling. I'm going to start my double knitting scarf tonight! (it's funny because you would think I would have all these social things to do since it is the end of school, but I think because of all the study groups and so on, I am so sick of people right now). I also want to dye my hair tonight.

Monday, April 03, 2006

so the best thing ever!

this was the first result of me putting my name in here and those who know me know why this is so excellent! Mwahaha!

Ten Top Trivia Tips about Leone!

  1. Only twelve people have ever set foot on leone!
  2. Women shoplift four times more frequently than leone.
  3. Influenza got its name because people believed the disease was caused by the evil "influence" of leone.
  4. Leone is 984 feet tall.
  5. In the 1600s, tobacco was frequently prescribed to treat headaches, bad breath and leone!
  6. The opposite sides of leone always add up to seven.
  7. Finding leone on Christmas morning is believed to bring good luck!
  8. Long ago, the people of Nicaragua believed that if they threw leone into a volcano it would stop erupting.
  9. 68 percent of all UFO sightings are by leone.
  10. Some birds use leone to orientate themselves during migration.
I am interested in - do tell me about

Motivate me!

I have had a very productive morning, just not necessarily schoolwork wise, though I did go to one of my classes! I also got groceries, went for a walk, talked to some friends, got smallpox, and figured out another xmas present! So now I have to do some schoolwork, I have a final on Friday and another one on the following Thursday (the 13th, how appropriate). So I've decided to make a list of things I would rather be doing than studying (now the question is do I put blogging on the list, because I already am, so would that just be redundant?) I like making lists. And after making this list, I'm going to do three hours of study, probably interrupted by eating at one point, but yeah. Then I get to do something fun for a bit, than hopefully another two hours, that would be key. My expectations of schoolwork are so low, and I find that quite funny.
  • Finish baby blanket
  • Email my katima-friends
  • Make up list of home improvements
  • Finish Monkey Beach (book)
  • Go for another walk
  • See if a friend wants to go for sushi
  • Put away laundry in room
  • Watch more of simpsons season seven on DVD (wheee for Jill!)
  • Work some more on my painting (and yes Helen, it is watercolour with black pen detailing and it's on watercolour paper and I used the booger stuff like Jenn said)
  • Do the dishes (seriously, I would rather do housework!)
  • Tae bo
  • Dye my hair
And now away I go to study some psychology of learning (HA!) and some biology too. Tata!