Thursday, December 10, 2009


Took a step class today. Was in the front row. Missed the step. Totally fell on my ass. Didn't really hurt but I was so embarrassed I nearly started to cry. Just kinda stepped and kicked for a bit till I calmed down. And it was the cool instructor's last class too. Glad I could make it memorable for her.

Came home. Spike started doing his frantic crazy running thing. Ran to his scratching post to jump onto it. His tissue paper bed (a big sheet of tissue paper that he pulled out of a gift bag) was in front of the scratching post. He skids out and kinda half jumps only to hit the *post* part with his head.

Yeah we're here all week!


Jenn said...

Well, this just gave me a real giggle! Thank you!!

Anonymous said...

You two are seventeen levels of awesome! ;)

Mom said...

OMG That's two funny stories, and in one day. I feel so much better now. (See "work" comment in Jen's blog!)