Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Well earned

So. Last night. At a dinner. Had my phone handy in case I get called for a job, since Wednesday was the last day I could sub before the end of the year. Since I work Thursday and Friday~ which was just turned into a contract so is no longer 'subbing'. The change happened last week. So yeah, Wed was my last day to sub. I get a phone call and accept the job for a school I really like. Woo! Leave the dinner early so I could get to bed in order to get up early.

This morning get up at six, shower, look purty, grab a lunch, and I'm out the door. Arrive at the school. They tell me the teacher I'm in for doesn't work on Wednesdays. Confusion.

I check the job again. It's for Friday. Despite the fact THAT I ALREADY HAVE A JOB ON FRIDAY!!! I didn't pay any attention to the day when they called because I only had ONE day I could possibly work! Augh! They still have taken the contract into effect so I'm getting calls for days that I already work~ all this despite that whole not getting calls for days I don't work. I haven't subbed for three weeks!

Least to say, I had no idea what to do with myself at 8:20 am in East Van. I ran some errands for me and for my poor sick sister and then went home because I was drenched in this fun December rain. All the lovely snow is gone :(

Once I got home I had a Purdy's peanut butter bar and went back to bed. Sheesh. That was my only sugar today and I have no regrets.

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