Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Even December

Heh. Okay so I'm going to blog on the even days of December, or I'll blog EVEN in December! I'm so clever. And I'm currently being reminded of why I've never bothered to hem my living room curtains as Spike is dangling from them with his claws and teeth.

Anyhoo, I'll call it Evblopoda. Sounds like a watermelon hitting the ground from a great altitude. Even Blogging Posting Day. Woo.

Today has been interesting. It's crazy that it's only five! I thought it was like, pushing nine, and now I don't know what to do with myself. I really want to order pizza. Anyhoo, wasn't called for work today so around 10:30 I think Alryia and I decided to walk over to Michaels (store). Since I walk a lot, I just presumed we were walking, and suggested the new skytrain pedestrain walkway thinking it would be a nice walk. I didn't know however, that for Alyria, it meant trying to get over her insaneo fear of heights. And I mean insaneo in the nice way, full well acknowledging that I have been known to burst into tears and stop moving while trying to cross suspension bridges. We both took our cameras not knowing just how much we would use them. Welcome to our trek across the river.

Firstly, WTF translink? Thanks for building a pedestrain walkway with no sidewalks leading to it or anything. You could walk down a road for a bit, and I do mean on the road since again, so sidewalks, or you could just do what Alryia and I did and cross through some mud and railroad tracks. Seriously, it's not a pretty part of town and I mean, it's just depressing.
Thankfully the view from the bridge is nice. You can't see east because the walkway is just below the skytrain. We had more than enough view.
This is a shot of the bridge after having crossed it. Alyria has a lot better pictures with her so I'll steal them soon and post them as well. I took more photos but detailing this was also part of Alyria's 'Get Over My Fear' trek I actually lost use of on my arms (honestly) the photos are mostly of the same thing. Trying to get close to the edge to get better photos resulted in hyperventilating (not me) so this is as good as we're going to get right now.
The other side of the pedestrian bridge is just as blarg. Parking lots and these things.
But what was interesting was as soon as we got off the bridge it was like there were soooo many photos to take. I loved this one.
And while we were walking on the railroad tracks I found lots of puddles of ice so I was throwing stones on top of the ice. It was fun. Than I threw the rocks really hard so I could smash the ice. I love being the first person to break ice over water. It's just the most fun.
Than there was confusion as these trees were seperating us from where we were trying to go and I was too scared to go through the thrush (dead bodies, I just know it) and frankly, I do think there was a creek between us and the store so we just contined on the railroad tracks.
Oh and then we came across this guy. I love it! Spiderweb, old lock, new lock, foliage~ all the things you could ask for in some weird random railroad track thingie.
It was cold out. Lots of frost in shadows.
Then we found our store~ possibly the most direct route we could have taken despite not knowing what we were doing. High fives all around. We shopped and headed back. The sun was on our side at this point which was nice as well.
And can you believe this boat? It was soooooo loud and quite large. So random.
Now I'm off to knit like a crazy person! And a question: can you needle felt fleece into a knitted object that is not felted?


Jenn said...

There totally would have been dead bodies, glad you went around!

Anonymous said...

That's a hovercraft! They used to come to my island and drive right up on the beach!

Mom said...

Thank you for a most entertaining blog Leone. Loved your pics and your commentary!