Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Too much content!!!

So much to tell... rather overwhelming. Should I start with the holidays and catch up? Or should I tell you about my roller coaster day? Do I stick to knitting or only talk about Mal? How many photos are too many? (There were 151 pictures and 1 video on my camera) When does the reader feel overwhelmed too? When does this just get tooooo scattered?


So pictures of Mal it is!!! And I also want to post theses cause I know the family would like to see the pictures too and I can't do a facebook xmas album until a piece of commissioned knitting goodness is delivered. This will be part one of the three part xmas SPECIAL!!! Part two will be food cause... wow. Let alone the feasts that Mom and Jim and Jenn made and the scones~ I got 10 boxes of chocolate this year from students. Eeeeeekkkkk! Part three will be present time. Wait till you see the books and yarn I got. Fabulous. OH! Then I have to tell you about my suprise birthday party!!! Haven't had a birthday party for, like, ten years and never a surprise! And I was SO surprised!

See... lots to talk about.


Mal and Grandpa amazed at the Christmas eve dinner.

Great Grandma attacking the boy while Julia watches passively on. Unfortunately I don't have any 'Julia-as-Jungle-Gym' photos.
That phase did start out innocently enough. Here Malcolm is really really not tired. Not tired at all! (this was late on the 25th post presents)
Christmas day. He's super stoked about that piece of wrapping paper.
Eating rice cakes with Grandma.
Mwahaha! A Pirate Boy he be!
Apparently the Olympics haz a flavor.
Watching Grandpa's train set with Dad. Set a theme for the whole holidays. Trains. Trains. And more trains.
Watching trains with Grandma.
He's got words down but not the whole 'I use them to commicate to you' part. He 'hoooo-hooooo's trains, and seems to have a 'Idunknow' catchphrase. Adorable as ever. Nineteen months fyi. Running around like the dickens. And I think 90% of the presents under the tree were his. Muffin butt.


Mom said...

Thank you for Part One hon. Very enjoyable and very well presented. Looking forward to Parts Two and Three. Great photos of The Boy!

Jenn said...

yay! Great post! Love seeing the pictures of monkey pants.