Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Day Three of the thing you don't know about

Last Saturday night, as I lay near dead in bed dying from insane amounts of sugar consumed in the past 48 hours (and a weeeee bit of amaretto), I decided things needed to change or I'd actually just be one big zit by Christmas.

The Goal: Seven days of the most minimum of white sugar and the maximum of water.

Of course there were stipends. Is that the right usage of that word? I hear it all the time but I'm like 'what the hell does that mean?' and I've decided it means exceptions to silly things I make up that aren't concrete anywhere or that I ever have to take responsibility for doing.

I understand that it is the last week of school before/during the holidays and that I teach 56 students between the ages of 4 and 11.

I understand that teaching does not lend itself to being having something (ie. a mug) and knowing where that is once you put it down. I have a mug of tea. I take attendance. The tea is gone. I get a new one at recess. Read a book. New tea is gone. Stations. Find old mug of really cold super strong tea. Lunch. Leave tea in bathroom. Etc. Etc. Or have that weird situation where because I have a team teacher and an aide in the classroom who both also drink tea where I have a mug of tea and no where to put it. Anyhoo...

I also really really like chocolate. And cookies. And more chocolate.

I am out every single night for the next four days for festivities.


Sunday~ Day One: Avoided all sugar. Didn't drink as much water as I could have. Meh.

Monday~ Day Two: Had one hersey kiss and one small cookie (both tokens of niceness from other teachers) and lots and lots of hot water and tea. Only lost two mugs (but found three).

Tuesday~ Day Three: Lots of tea (green!) and am in charge of dessert tonight so I just made the most awesome fruit salad. Mandrin slices, pineapple, apple, cantalope, honeydew, and grapes. I rule!

In other news I think I love Camera Obscura.


jess said...

um, the word you're looking for is stipulations. stipends are payment for a service - kinda like an honourarium.

me i am in the midst of eating mini-wheats with brown sugar which makes it okay right?

xo jess

Jenn said...

I think you should provide yourself with stipends as well.

Jenn said...

My word was exess. I thought that seemed worth noting.