Sunday, December 06, 2009

A day in pictures (mostly)

insaneo day. I've been playing and singing along to music for an hour in order to de-tense. It's been go go go since I got up. I took lots of photos but none of the cookie party :( and I didn't take a picture of my burn blister cause well, ew, but I do want you all to know: I burned my finger.

Got up.
Ran to safeway.
Came home to make tiger butter tarts.
Burned fingers.
Trashed kitchen.
Finished knitting.
Got ready.
Tried on everything I own and left it all on my floor.
Got to cookie party.
Realized I had eaten nothing all day.
Ate sugar and drank spiked coffee.
Chatted and had a lovely time.
Bought gift bag.
Got to dinner for festivus.
Gave gifts.
Got gifts.
Came home.
Tiger butter tarts.

Gift: Pasties

Gift: Caera Cowl (rav) out of Alpaca Silk
Ms. Quimby wearing the exclusive line from Kat

Happy knitters.
Me being spoiled by the awesome Wenchlette. Spoiled!
More happy knitters.
Happy dorks.
Close up of my prezzies. A skull pendent necklace made out of antler (?!?!?!) and the Amigurumi Knits book which is so cool I could just die.

Now, I sleep for 20 hours.

Hugs and love!


Jenn said...

Wow! That was a day and a half!

Mrs.Q said...

I am not a dork! I am a geek. FYI.

Monica (aka monnibo) said...

Mmmmm I want tiger butter tarts now.

I love seeing the project pictures cause we didn't really examine the knits in detail. Awesome photos. Come add them to the TCWY Flickr pool: