Monday, February 06, 2006

Eat Me

So, I hate pop culture. I hate Friends, I hate Four Kings, and I hate Kristie Allie. Now, does that mean I will turn off the TV everytime Friends comes on? No -that show can be wicked funny. Anytime my sister or I need to laugh, one of us will scowl and say 'pivet!' and snorts abound. And I've barely seen Four Kings or Fat Actress but I've seen enough.

I would like to know why, that at 164 pounds, I feel so fat. I don't most of the time, but the time I feel the most like the incredible walking blob, is when I'm at my school's caferteria. Why do we as a society peg people into these simple categories? If she/he is fat, they eat like a pig. If she/he is eating healthy, then a) it's a rarity, b) they'll soon be thin. If she/he eats something unhealthy, well, they brought that weight on themselves. If people are big, then they have atrocious eating habits and brought it on themselves. Right.

TV has helped us along. Look at Monica for example: Whenever she is in her fat suit, you bet she's ordering a pizza, or eating a sandwich with mayonaise. Look at the promo for the Four Kings: once beloved Seth Green is bemoaning his fate to his friend. 'Your girlfriend is so much better than mine', and to prove his point, he holds up two pairs of panties. 'Your girlfriends' to the small, dainty little pair, and 'my girlfriend' holding up a pair of large grannies. Oh my goodness. Seth Green I spite thee! How dare you agree to say that? I mean, that is nearly as bad as it gets. Not only is the weight of girls now how you determine their self worth, let's not forget that if you aren't thin, you apparently can't be sexy either! Wear those grannies and wallow in your own filth! Bah!

And Kristie, oh Kristie. I mean, from what I have read it sounds like her show Fat Actress was one long running fat joke anyways, but what I can critize is what I have seen, and that is her commercial. Telling your viewing audience that they are fat and need to diet? I mean, what is this? Nasty! You are Nasty!

So, what brought on this rant you may ask? What happened besides my desire to not write up an outline for my presentation? The fact that me, like many other bigger people, eat healthy. Not because we desire to be thin, but because it's good for our bodies, we've done it for a long time, and we like to. I love vegtables. I do. Blanched broccoli, raw cauliflower, peppers any colour but green I could eat like apples. I know so many people who eat healthy and are any size, and I know so many people who eat crap, and are any size. This all came to a boiling point when I was at the cafeteria and was stocking up on the salad section. I love this section because it's determined by the weight of your plate, not by what veggies you have. This means that I can eat all the red peppers and cauliflower I want and barely pay anything! It's a gold mine! So I get my plate of peppers, cucumber slices, cauliflower, and carrots and I pay for it and join my friends. I sit down, and a well-meaning but... sigh... not-thought-about comment from a friend is 'oh, why isn't that healthy'. Like, oh, look, the fat girl is eating veggies. Let's pet her on the head. And then, somebody says 'oh, are you on a diet?'.

Seriously, eat me. I am fine. My eating is fine. I will admit I need to get out more because I don't exercise enough, but that's because I know the risks of a sedentary lifestyle. I like my heart. I would like to keep it happy. I am happy.


Jenn said...

Amen sister-friend!

Jill said...

yeah, I'm with you. I've been ranting in my head a similar rant lately. I have a skinny friend that will acknowledge that metabolism is different for men than for women, different for people of different ages, but won't acknowledge that perhaps it's different simply from person to person. meh.

julia said...


you tell 'em honey.

very good read