Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Singleton's Valentine Day

So I was inspired this morning by reading a secret postcard and figured, meh, worth a shot. My valentine day consisted of
  • eating kraft dinner and tuna (mixed together)
  • knitting a whole bunch
  • playing sims2
  • being productive by doing dishes, cleaning the bathroom, and reading 11 journal articles
  • going for a walk that wasn't so long that I got cold
  • eating a bowl of snowpeas ( I heart snowpeas)
  • talking to my mom (I heart mom)
  • playing my music exceptionally loud
  • playing mariokart with two good friends while eating popcorn and drinking hot chocolate with vodka
So actually, it was a pretty good day! Who knew? Well, since it is officially the fifteen now, I'm going to scoop the kitty litter. That will make the kitties day.


Melly said...

You can put Vodka in hot chocolate? Was it vanilla vodka?

Jenn said...

Oh, that must have been like a valentine's gift to the kitties!

I'll refrain from making a poop equals chocolate comment.

Jill said...

I heart KD and tuna!

Oh, and I keep forgetting to tell you that we got some mail for you, it from the goverment and looks kinda important- so I'm telling you now before I forget again for a week.