Tuesday, February 07, 2006

make me care

about school. I don't care about school. And I don't care that I don't care about school. Oh well. So, I don't know if this makes me feel better or worse. I realized why my biology 102 class is so hard. It's because it's a first year science so they are weeding out people (thanks to Adrienne for drawing my attention to that). So in one way, I feel better because I'm like, okay, I'm not a total idiot for not being able to get a good mark in a first year course, but in another way, I want to go to my prof, Dr. Dandylonglegs, and say 'I'm taking this course to get into the education program, I swear, I will never take another biology course ever! Just stop making it so hard!'. I mean, if they have calculus for non majors, shouldn't they have biology for non majors? So all us slacker psychology students can get an average mark and not kill our gpa for taking this course? In other news, I'm making crazy progress on my baby blanket for a friend. She's due any day now so I've really gotta rush. It's this colour (bermuda satin, in case the page doesn't show). Okay, I'm going to go procrastinate some more before I go to school. I mean, well, I did do my write ups and my outline and everything so I'm still doing my schoolwork more or less. I just don't feel the love you know? Lacking the love. For my schoolwork. Meh.

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cohen said...

Hooray for hand-knit blankies!!!! Way more important than biology. Way.