Wednesday, February 15, 2006

religious note

So I just went blog surfing and I think I looked at maybe 20 blogs and 6 of them were all about the religion. Two muslim and four christian. Only one qualified as freaky as hell, the rest were fine, I just found that really interesting. What else was interesting was that the two muslim blogs had just started up this week. The freaky religious one was without a doubt insane. Shudder. One of the christian blogs was a young woman who was studying to be a priest and had decided to go home, she was cute because she talked about a very heated discussion she had with Jesus in the girls bathroom at her school and it came across as very funny and endearing, not scary. Another one that was interesting was a young woman who was very religious and had bible quotes in the sidebars but upon further reading and inspection I realized she had changed all the Hes to Shes, but still had a very right wing ultra conservative vibe. Well, I should go to bed now. I've had a meh day. I know I have said this before, and I sound like Emmet on PR talking about how he's a men's fashion designer every episode, but I am so burnt out with school. Forcing myself to work on my presentation and study for my biolab is torturous and I am procastinating so freaking bad. It just ruins your time because you aren't happy when you do study and you aren't happy when you aren't. I wish I was either a) brilliant so these things came to me effortlessly and I could finish and go on and do other things without worrying or b) didn't care so much about school and could blow off my work and enjoy my procastination instead of angst more. I know those people, I go to school with a lot of them. Sigh. Going to bed now so I won't sleep in till 10 tomorrow. Kisses!


Melly said...

That angst rather than blissful ignorance during procrastination is what will make you a career superstar. Work ethic is a valued commodity!

Jenn said...

Listen to Melly for she is wise. And cute.


Anonymous said...

Not too much longer hon and then you get a well deserved break. You have worked so hard, hang in there. And who knows once you are back in the hard core work world for a while, school will probably look very very good.
Love Mom

Anonymous said...

in totally unrelated news, i just looked up the weather for your little town - its supposed to be minus 12 tomorrow.

here it's supposed to be 41 by tuesday.

i don't know if i'm laughing at you or me.