Saturday, February 18, 2006

I'm not seeing anyone next week

***warning: blogging under the influence***

So first things first, I am a social butterfly. And slightly drunk, but not drunk enough to press backspace as many times as it takes to spell the word butterfly (it took me four times the first time, and only two times the second time!). So back to the social butterfly (two times) thing, let's start with last Friday, in which it all started. So it would have been the... 10th? Methinks. Anyhoo, yeah, the tenth, I went over to my friends for dinner and we played this game on her game station and ate chinese food which gave me really messed dreams that I can't remember now. Then Saturday night I went over to my friend Kim's house and had a Angelina Jolie night while her boyfriend made us dinner(!). Than Tuesday night I had my friends Kel and Mandy over to play nitendo for four hours (heh) and then Thursday during the day Corlee Corlee came over and we had lunch and played nitendo and then on Friday morning my friend Kim came over and we chatted than went over my presentation that I am doing on Tuesday and then that same day my other friend Kim from before and her boyfriend came over and I made them dinner and we watched labyrinth and but i;m a cheerleader and tonight (being saturday) I went to my friend Lebeo's house for his birthday party and got to draw on his walls and tomorrow I am going to another friend's birthday party at the waddling duck. Social butterfly (3x) people. Especially if you know how much I am normally NOT a social butterfly (2x only!) Meh.

I came home early though because i have to work tomorrow but I made pancakes and am drinking lots of water. I looooove pancakes.


Anonymous said...

Well you know what they say - "While the cat's away, the mice will play". Hmm, I guess that analogy really doesn't work very well for your household, does it?
Love Mom

Jenn said...

at least that means I'm a cat! meow!!