Tuesday, February 21, 2006

hard day, watching TV and blogging

So I've spend the last two days perfecting my presentation for senior seminar. I finished it on Friday, then as you know I spent the weekend working, taking care of a sick kitty(oh wait, I forgot about this... see Spike's blog), and going out, so yesterday I started perfecting it, putting in all the graphs and clip art and working out glitches, then I came home early yesterday because I needed a nap, and when I went to work on it again, I found out that remote desktop was done so I couldn't access it! Argh, so I still had my print outs from school so I made tonnes of changes to fix the flow and stuff and made all these notes and stuff. So this morning, I got up, got all pretty, got to school and worked on it for basically four hours (quick bit where I remembered I hadn't written my colliquium paper yet and spent about fifteen minutes writing that up... heh). So then I nearly panicked when for some reason the computer in the classroom wasn't letting me log onto my H drive, but I just had to switch the outlet I was using, but that made me a little meh at first. Overall, I got some really good feedback and I had no questions I couldn't asnwer and it just made the 30 min mark so I'm pretty happy about it. I had these big plans to come home and study for my bio lab quiz tomorrow, but I'm so beat. I'm going to watch American Idol and let you know all about my opinions, because I don't actually vote. Or care really, but it's fun.

Mandisa- mostly like her, she really is a valley girl. I like how her comments to Simon were uber religious and none of the clips about it are showing that part, on American Idol or any of the gossip shows. I think she sang really well, started off bad, but ended so freakin well. Does she have only one name?

Kelly P.-did she hit any of her notes? Really? I like her, I feel bad that's she so nervous and that she did the ugly cry on tv about her dad. I do agree that she's sweet and it's so funny that she admitted that she has no love life and then giggled. She will probably get a lot of perverted men votes.

Becky- I've never understood her. How did she even get to hollywood? She's good really low, but she can't hit her notes or carry a tune. Oh yeah, and this whole her looks thing? She's pretty but she's no Angie. She had better be gone on Thursday. I mean, she sucked and the judges told her that she did better than they thought she would.

Ayla-I want to not like her (could she be any more perfect?), but I'll settle for a non-chalant meh. I mean, she redeemed herself in hollywood week by freaking out in the elevator, and her favorite movie is Mulan. I heart Mulan. Oh, unfortunate pants. She's a good singer. (Is that the right spelling? chalant? I dunno)

Paris- I HEART PARIS!!! I love her! She's so talented that I am sure she will release a CD whether or not she wins (I think she is too talented for the voters to get) and I am so going to buy her CD because I love her! She's so cute and sexy at the same time! Wheeeeeee! Paris Paris Paris!

Stevie- she's an odd cookie. She reminds me of me when I was still young(er) and melodramatic (er). Is it just me or does she kinda suck tonight? I thought she was a better singer than this. hm. Is she sick? She started off really good. Hm, I don't know if she'll make it to the next week though. Ew- did she just flirt with Ryan Seacrest? Oh, ick!

Brenna-I also like Brenna. Oh, oh no, is she playing the poor kid card? She doesn't have a softer side, she always looks like she is hatching some evil plan. She's not singing that well either right now. I don't really remember her so I don't really have a basis of comparison. Meh, I don't think she's that great really. And now she is just embarrasing.

Heather-crazy eyes... Okay, so I was on the phone with Mom for her performance but it seems like the judges aren't impressed. I don't think I missed anything. Besides, I would turn off Paris if Mom called. Oh, the flashback...right, she was not impressing.

Melissa-well, I like her love of sisterhood, that's nice. What is she singing? Do I know this song? Mh. She's fine. Her earrings are really distracting, really so. But her singing is quite good. I really want a glass of warm milk right now but I won't have enough for coffee tomorrow.

Lisa- I love Lisa's voice. I also like that on some angles you can see the girls on the balcony behind the singer and you can see Paris totally rocking out. And unless Lisa choses more popular songs instead of good songs, she won't make it either. Too talented and possible too good of a taste in music. Can someone make Paula just stop? Just stop Paula!

Kinnik-on the phone with Jenn. I don't understand the placing of the diamond on her dress but it seems like the judges liked her. Flashback-one really high note, good for her.

Katherine-I like her. I don't know if I like her voice. Oh good, I do! Is this a country song? I still like her. And we can see Paris rocking out again! And she is much hotter than Becky! So hot. ohmigoodnes, she just apologized to the people behind her that they had to stare at her butt! She rules! Oh, she kissed Seacretin. I still love her.

Wow, thank goodness this is over. I am soooo tired. I nearly fell asleep before Jenn called. I'm happy she called, I need to talk to her when I am less sleepy. I have much little sister angst to share and hear about her fun times is the big apple. Heh. big apple. Hi Jenn! Waves. Hi to the Bears and Jim too! Tralala.

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