Monday, March 20, 2006

Skulls are cool (drawn.... not actualized)

So I am trying to write my paper for senior seminar right now. Can't you tell? I actually got so frustrated with my lack of writing and amazing procrastination abilities that I switched to my biology homework and got some work done. How sad is it that I would rather write about the action potential of a cell than write a paper? All the research is done it's just putting it together. Luckily, I have made a pact with a friend to proof read each other's paper on Wednesday so that helps motivate me.

In other news, I am coming down from a wonderful week with my Mom. It was a pretty low key visit, I had a biology exam on Friday so there was lots of studying, but there was also lots of curling, knitting, shopping, and cooking (and coffee... lots and lots of coffee). Having my Mom here is better than reading break. My Mom also helps me remember why I am in school, which is to be a teacher and apply my knowledge for good (not evil, unlike the university). Oh, one second, my tea water is boiling.

Okay, I'm back.

Knitting is coming along, I'm nearly done the baby blanket for the March 1st baby Julian (baby shower isn't for another two weeks, it's not like I'm just pshawing along) and I've started the foot part of the unwearable sock, but I just the measurements of Jasons foot to put in the sock generator and get a proper pattern. I also started a xmas present for a friend who reads this blog so I can't talk about it but it's sooooo nice. I got the yarn at a new yarn store I found in PG with Mom. I completely forgot I told a friend I would knit him a wristband so I need to start that too... which is bad because I actually try not to have more than two projects going on at once and this would be four, but meh. I actually designed the letters and the skull and crossbones for the wristband during psychology of learning class. There is this girl in that class... lets call her... Hibrina, and she talks and talks all the time and basically turns stuff about the learning material into a story she can tell us about her life or she'll let us know her opinion about everything and say really informative stuff (by informative stuff, I mean, really really obvious stuff... so painfully obvious that something she said in class today caused another student to let out of snort of laughter). Right... rant, anyhoo so that's the knitting side of things.

I'm going to go now and study biology some more. Maybe I'll try to work on my paper after Project Runway (and remember people, I'm watching it on the Life channel so I do NOT know who won yet!). Though I saw Project Jay last night, I have mixed emotions on Jay. When you follow him around during a stressful period of his life of course you can see that he has a lot of issues and isn't always so funny but I still really like him and what Heidi did to him was just plain mean. I love how mean he is. That bit with Wendy Pepper at Austins show?!? I was laughing so hard I was crying. Ohmigod.

Seriously I'm gone... or else my tea might get too strong. Ugh.

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Anonymous said...

What a great blog Leone. Very exciting.
I had such a great week. Wonderful to see Jen before she left, and such a relaxing and yet invigorating week with you.
After our time together, I have a whole new set of memories while I listen to James Blunt.
Thank you darling.
Love Mom