Tuesday, March 21, 2006


First three written pages (4 altogether): get to go for walk and get coffee from downtown

Every entire written page after that: either
a) get to knit two rows on Deformed Skull Socks
b) two rows on Baby Julian baby blanket or
c) two rows of new project I've started that is a Xmas present so I can't talk about it.

End goal: have 6-8 pages done by the time I have to go to school (3:45).

Annnnnnnnnnnddddd..... GO!

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Helen said...

You've got a list of targets, that's half the battle! I always found my problem was sticking to the plan [doh]

Oh and I realised the other day that my profile doesn't have a link to my Blog - Jenn's gota link in her panel though - I'm "Dogeared" :-)

Good luck with the work!