Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Should have stayed in bed

**warning: explicit self pity from an over-priviledged individual**

So this morning when my alarm went off I awoke thinking 'today is not going to be a good day'. I mean, I could feel it in my bones and internal organs.


And this is no common self fufilling prophecy, I'm not just seeing the bad in neutral things. Letsee here, getting 51% on my biology exam... not good, check.
Forgetting to email myself my paper so I can work on it while at school... not good, check.
The only computer lab that is open is the one that is sweltering hot to a gross point of smelliness... not good, check.
Spilling my coffee on my new bag... not good, check.
Having to sit through another horrid lecture in my psychology class with disorganization and not funny silliness rampant... not good, check.
Painfully spending an hour trimming down my paper for biology to 7 pages despite not having all the info I know I need but there is NO room... not good, check.
Found out there was an apple in my locker so now there are fruit flies in my locker... not good, check.
Wasn't able to register into two of the classes I wanted to take because of stupid prerequisites... not good, check.
Getting my presenation mark back in an hour... not good, soon to be checked.
Dissecting a frog which would normally be fine but having to do it in a group of four... not good, soon to be checked.

See! See! Maybe school is here to make people appreciate their careers more. I guess I'll end this on a good note.

............. ............
....thinking...... .........



I was able to get into all the courses I wanted for the first semester... that was fine. They are all stupid courses I don't want to take but have to. Um.... oh okay, I've got it! I printed off one of Jenn's wedding photos and one of her friends saw me and came and we gabbed about it and that was good. Check. There, that's good.


Helen said...

I hope the day turns around for you - I thought today was going to be One Of Those Days, based on the second half of my commute in to work, but the day surprised me and turned out OK.

I have had this niggling little stabbing pain in the back right of my head for over an hour now though...


Eileen said...

The only computer lab that is open is the one that is sweltering hot to a gross point of smelliness... not good, check.

Urgh! Flashbacks of the computer lab in the maths department at my old university. It STANK! I was so happy that I had access to the stats lab too!

I hope your day has improved somewhat.