Thursday, March 30, 2006

still a work in progress... some errors

There are some errors on this still and there is alot of work to be done but I figured I would blog it because I've spent lots of time on it (usually sleep deprived and mopey so that might explain the errors) and so here it is for your viewing pleasure.


Jenn said...

I've really enjoyed watching you work on this. Okay, in particular watching you rub the sticky booger stuff off it last night.

Hmm, maybe we DO need the larger cable package.

Helen said...

I was going to ask weather you'd done the colour in pen or pencil or watercolour. But Jenn mentioning "the booger stuff" make sme think watercolour (and the appearance of the colours). Is it that stuff you paint onto bits you want to keep white, then paint over it and rub it off afterwards?

Pretty picture!