Thursday, March 30, 2006

Trial (unwearable) socks done!

(side note: since arriving at school at 3:30 pm I have had a smirnoff ice vodka, really old reheated pizza slice, doritos, 3 two bite brownies, and half a can of coke... so I feel really, really, really ill right now.... really)

In other news, before the barf feast I finished the trial sock! I decided not to do the entire length of the foot because it was just a waste of yarn and I went right into the toe wedge and finished it in two hours (while watching TNG... I love the Spike channel). So the sock looks really messed up, moreso since the ankle part is longer than the foot part and I did the heel and the toe in white yarn (the rest in the sock was in black) and the toe wedge looks like the beak of a penguin. I'm going to look up other ways of doing a toe wedge because it wasn't very toe-like, though I have nothing against penguins. I've very excited to start a new pair of socks for Jason and seeing how those turn out. I was going to try to fix the messed up float on the socks so they will be wearable but the skulls were so messed up I wouldn't want anyone wearing them anyways. As well as the second attempt at skull socks for Jason, I also got sock yarn for Jenn and Jim and I and am going to try to knit us some red and white hiking socks (white cuff, red socks).

Oh my tummy..... unhappy tummy. (it's the social aspect that does it! I would not have eaten that if all my friends weren't doing the same! Oh the peer pressure and my weak will! And the coke was free! Free! So I got it, drank half, and realized... I don't really like coke. Then I left it on a table somewhere at school.)

Did I mention that my wonderful amazing mother got me two sets of double pointed knitting needles, one set is wood (!) and size 2 mm, and the other pair is metal and 1.75mm! Wheeee! I wasn't able to find them in PG and I knit loosely so I need pretty small knitting needles to follow some of the sock patterns. Thanks mom!


Helen said...

*frown* hope your tummy feels better soon. Sugar overdose maybe?

Anonymous said...

"I also got sock yarn for Jenn and Jim and I and am going to try to knit us some red and white hiking socks (white cuff, red socks)."

Oh YAY! That sounds fun--we can all go hiking in our matching socks!