Tuesday, March 21, 2006

So much blogging....

I am blogging so much lately! Anyhoo, update on my goal is completed! I finished the first goal of four pages by 1030 am! Then I went and got some groceries and coffee and did a one and a half more pages, plus my two appendixes (sp?) so I am quite pleased with myself. My class was fine, my friend Kim was presenting and we agreed that I would cough everytime she started talking too quickly but after the first couple minutes I realized that plan wouldn't work because she would start to talk really quickly and I would cough, then she would slow down for about ten seconds then speed up again and I figured I would just become really distracting so I only coughed twice (and then I coughed sporadically throughout the entire class so the prof wouldn't think I was faking). But otherwise she did an amazing job, she is one of those people who is freakishly smart. I still really like her.

In other news, I really like some of the American Idols. I don't know cause I've never followed a previous season but I think there are some really neat people on, like Mandesa, Paris, Chris, Taylor, and Katherine. Mandesa is an amazing singer and performer, same with Paris, they are both effortless singing talent. Chris is cool, and he's a stepdad and just cool. Taylor and Katherine aren't as good as singers, but they are great performers and I really like watching them. Huh. Anyhoo, I have to say I think Simon is a jerk and mean, but he is honest, and I get embarrased by Paula and her antics and her sad desperation and I think he gets embarrased by her too.

Well, I'm going to go finish my hot milk and get ready for bed. I should attend my morning class tomorrow. Meh.

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