Wednesday, March 01, 2006


so... do you remember that whole fiasco like three weeks ago or so about a paper that I stressed out about then realized it wasn't due till the next week? So here we are, round two people! I'm freaking out about this paper, I've written the entire thing, discussion, conclusion, abstract, tra la la, it's 9 pages and it is only allowed to be 7 (they dock 5 marks pr extra page which is a huge chunk of the mark) and so I'm working, I'm working, and I sent an email to my TA just to clarify something she said in an email that made no sense to me. That she only wanted 2.5 pages. I'm like, what? Say quoi?

Do any of you see what's coming up here?

Only the discussion,conclusion, and references are due today. Not any other part of the paper, no abstract, no results, nada. So once again, I have done wayyyy more work then needed in a stressfull morning full of coffee. Right. I'm going to go read a online comics or something now. Sigh. And oh yeah, if you are ever doing an experiment, do not come up with two hypothesis. Because that really just screws you over for the page limit.

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Jenn said...

Oh dear - but really, now you'll have more time later right?