Wednesday, March 08, 2006

My Favorite Things

  • Bears and Caaaandy
  • Knitting without guilt
  • Cooking fun meals
  • Reading novels cuddled up in my white chair with my duvet and a hot chocolate and a kitty on my lap
  • When people come to visit
  • My purse that even bus drivers and security guards compliment me on
  • Tattoos
  • Biology lectures (just not the readings or the exams or the studying, but the lectures I like)
  • Using my teeny tiny ink pen to make detailed art pictures
  • When I wake up fifteen minutes before I have to and get to lie in bed and be in limbo
  • Going to walks in the park with a friend
  • When annoying people are told to shut up in class (either by me or other people)
  • Meeting friends at a cafe and never having a lull in the conversation
  • Being introduced to people you've wondered about for a long time and finding out they have wondered about you for a long time
  • Getting a good mark on something I've worked really hard on
  • Sending long emails to friends
  • The colour purple and blue shaded into one another
  • When Spike or Chuck starts to purr for no reason I can tell
  • When I wake up to coffee
  • A pen with really nice ink
  • When people leave comments on my blog
  • Nice smelling bubble bath
  • Unbroken spines in my favorite books
  • When someone references one of my favorite pop culture icons (Buffy, Harry Potter, Lenore, Spiderman)
  • Jenn's wedding dress
  • Mailing and getting personal letters
  • Skulls
  • My ring that reminds me of Grandma Hazel
  • Framed personal photographs
  • My Calvin and Hobbes books
  • New knitting patterns


Melly said...

You've got a lot of fabulous favorite things :-) Do you have a pic of your purse?

Leone said...

Thats a great list!!

Jenn said...

Ack! I was logged in as you!!

julia said...

i thought it was kinda creepy when you commented on your own list...

and i like the one about meeting someone you'd wondered about and realising they'd wondered about you. i remember when i first realised that i could be that person i looked up to. it was very cool.

julia said...

i always break the spines...

julia said...

one of my favorite things is when people leave messeges on my flickr...

thanks yoners!

The Bears said...

Ooooh! We like everything on your list!

*much bouncing up and down of Bears*

And don't worry aboo using the wrong account. That's why we Bears only have one, so we don't have to worry aboo who is logged in.

*much nodding of Bears*

See you all soon!

OK Bye

Helen said...

Hi :-)

That's a great list, and I love the things like an uncreased book spine and the reading in a chair with a duvet and cat.

I might make a proper hot chocolate tonight, having read your list. I've not got any marshmallows for it, but it's good powder and I'll make it with milk (not water).

Anonymous said...

A most excellent list! Love Mom

Eileen said...

Hi Leone! I thought I'd return the favour since you were so nice to reply in my blog. As you can guess, I love getting comments too!

I like your list. I have a similar thing going on in my "about me" section on blogger. And I keep adding to it!