Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Cheery things

since I am the Queen of Mope (waves regal-like) I am going to blog about cheery pretty things. Firstly, I finished the quick satisfaction knit scarf. It was very quick to knit and hence, satisfying (who knew?). However a heavy thick wool scarf is kinda uncalled for right now so it's going into long term planning. Here is it unblocked with Chuck. I'll post another picture when it is blocked to show the lace pattern which was freaky simple. Chuck is a very easily distracted model- there was a truck going down the street so he had to look at it. And then a leaf got caught in the wind so he had to look at that. Overall he's so cute it doesn't matter.

Another cheery thing? No cavities! Wheeee me!

And I registered for my first semester today. It's kinda stressful because the website is not user friendly and very confusing. I got a message saying my registration was successful and I keep on checking to make sure that I'm in the timetable but so far it seems fine. I have six courses the first semester and right now they all conflict with each other so I'm sure that is yet to be worked out (we don't pick our courses). First is Arte 320: curriculum and instrction in Art (soooooo stoked about this one); Educ 316: Communication skills in teaching (don't swear at the kids); Edst 314: Social Issues (I'm excited about this one too); Epse 313: Educational Application of Developmental Theories (thank you psychology! I'm going to rock this class like some sort of cazbah!); Educ 420: School Organization in its Social Context (waiting to see the textbook but this one looks interesting too); & Lled 310: Introduction to Reading and Language Arts Instruction (very very excited about this one too- I lurrrrrve the language arts!).

So basically, even though it may kill me, I am uber excited about school.

ETA: for some reason the pictures stopped appearing so I've gone in and added them again but there is some random non-working image under Chuck but yeah. Stupid blogger.


Laura said...

Chuck is a supercute model and your scarf is gorgeous.

Congratulations on getting in to teachers' college, by the way! It sounds like a great fit for you, especially since you're actually excited about the courses—they kinda made me cringe.

laura said...

leone!!! i am loving your blog and all the knitting and the cats!!! you are such a good knitter, i am going to show my mom your stuff when she comes to visit this weekend (we are both lazy knitters with not nearly enough patience for the projects you do) anyways if you havent checked out my blog you should, it will practically change your life its mostly about how miserable and or fantastic my life is at any given time hahahha http://stufflaurasays.blogspot.com
well take care,
other laura

jenn said...

That is really weird seeing two laura posts. But also weird that I totally knew which one was my laura.

And yes, that is a super cute picture of chuck. And your scarf is loverly.