Tuesday, May 01, 2007

sooooo... what happened to April?


So no photos because I cannot get them on this computer for some reason (it's evil) but let me tell you- my new yarn? Gorgeous. Just. Gorgeous. It's the Makes Waves afghan from Fleece Artist in these amazing muted shades of gold and every other colour- slubby (wool that goes from thick to thin), baby alpaca (little loopy yarn very soft), and curly locks (bigger loops) (see here for all the yarns except unfortunately the slubby). I mean it just makes you want to cry. I knit up the swatch last night (usually I don't do swatches for blankets but I wanted to make sure I liked the stitch pattern and this way I can carry it around in my purse to show people) and yeah, I'll be making the blanket. Mmmmmmmmmm.

So as some may already know- I got into UBC so I'm pretty freaked out/excited as sin about that. It starts in July and is 12 months intensive instead of the 2 year (16 month) program. So in about 14 months I'll be qualified to teach! woohoo! I'm planning on travelling for a bit afterwards- but I haven't thought about it that much so if you have any questions about that plan I may just shrug and say 'um.... maybe'.

I head back to home pretty soon after being spoiled in the lovely Okanagan for two weeks. I went out for Mexican today... soooooo good. Me loves the feta (and because Julia told me about how aged cheese is nicer to us lactose-intolerant freaks it was without pain!). I also have gotten some nice new sock yarn (Claudia hand painted in Chocolate Cherry & Koigu) and a Care Bears crochet book.

I finished reading Misery which was... fun, and then I started The Princess Bride but I decided I need to read something that isn't going to have any violence in it just for a bit so I'm now reading the Undomestic Goddess which is cute and funny, well written- exactly what I wanted.

And for those of you who don't already know, Amy Winehouse is a god. Back to Black- go get it now. I'll wait till you listen and then come back and thank me.

You're welcome.


Emma said...

The blanket sounds gorgeous. Love Fleece Artist!

Sheena said...

Hey, you'll have to change your "About me" because you're no longer an undergrad! :)

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on UBC! (But we'll miss you

Angela said...

Congrats on UBC!

And the blanket sounds wonderful. I'm doing a mitred square baby blanket right now. It's fun!