Friday, May 11, 2007

turns out...

moving is stressful. And expensive.

It also turns out that I have a lot of yarn & a lot of books. The thing is though, most of the yarn is coming to Vancouver and most of the books are going into storage. I decided to wear my big girl panties though and did thin out my stash for Vancouver. And by thin out, I mean I put some yarn into storage with my books. It just means I can go to Vancouver and decide that only two suitcases full of yarn isn't enough and buy more.

Anyhoo- packing is a nightmare. My boxes are old and broken from too many moves and I've completely run out of light stuff to pack in amongst my books. I still have about 8 giant art books and all my comics & my cartoon books and about two shelves worth of books to put into storage. I haven't touched my clothing yet- I can't even think about it. I'm giving away whatever I don't bring to Vancouver and even though there are shirts I haven't worn for, oh, years- I still want to keep them. Sigh. And oh yeah- it's 11:45 at night and this is what my bed looks like-It's not good people, not good. So I'm spending a lot of time playing Sims and Boomshine (damn you Lisa!) to avoid doing actual work. The thing about procrastination is that it lends itself to non-productive work. My knitting has been suffering. The diligent may have noticed that I've been working on the same two items since March now: the Sari Shawl and the RPM knee socks. The Sari shawl is in the final chart pattern but it has so many stitches- it's a pretty quick knit shawl but still & the socks? Oh good god I finished one and I forced myself to start the other because it took forever! Knee socks on 2mm needles? Seriously, somebody just kick me. So anyhoo I went downtown and bought some nice chunky yarn (my only chunky yarn is destined for a sweater so it was a legit purchase) and brought out my lovely birch needles and started this scarf from Twinkle Big City. I started that last night so it's a nice easy knit. I'll save it for Xmas I think.
And that is all.

Bonne nuit!


Sheena said...

Do NOT keep the shirts! You will NEVER wear them again! After you donate them, you will completely forget you ever had them! Trust me! Getting rid of stuff you have not used in 6 months will make moving less stressful!

Eileen said...

I didn't realise you were moving. Is it because school is finishing? Do you graduate this year? Sorry, totally spaced out!

jenn said...

Actually, I think Leone needs to do an announcement post about all her new exciting developments!

I tried for cheery. Was that cheery?