Wednesday, May 23, 2007

slept in AGAIN

ETA: so blogger crashed and took half of my blog entry with it. Which really sucks. It makes option b (see below) even less plausible.

the thing about packing your alarm clock- it makes it really easy to fool yourself in the morning 'oh it's only 8am' and then wake up at 9:30 or later (heh). And then it becomes one of those debates inside your head: do I a) write the day off and play sims till the mailman comes and then I put on pants to get the mail and then knit or b)try to be uber productive to make up for lost hours? I usually do err towards option a. It's a nice option.

So I just need a few more boxes in order to finish and then the garage sale and then shipping all the leftover to the Salvation Army. I've started to live out of my duffel bag which is wierd and fun. I'm also wearing my sister's sweater. Jennifer gave me the most amazing booootiful pink raincoat for Vancouver that has the most darling lining. She's a good 'un. For her birthday I got her hoards of mini stamps of flowers (18 in all) and wrapped them individually. I'm kinda rotten like that. Anyhoo I also made her a card but I was very sneaky about it and didn't use any of her paper (even though she lets me) and I moved all her stuff back to the original place after I used them- it was most likely completely unnecessary as I don't think Jenn would have noticed if her cutting board was three inches over from where it was before she left for work but you never know with Jenn. She has been known to channel that Monica vibe from time to time.

So here's the front of my card to Jenn- with her stamps and her inkpad, but the design is all my own as it was about the fifth time I had moved that ladybug (you can see all the previous spots where it was glued and then I peeled it off and glued it again and peeled it off) and there use to be more things on the cover but I ended up peeling all those off too.
The inside had this neato flappy thingie in it which doesn't work in cards but when you make a card for someone you can do things that people wouldn't buy so that was fun. Like my nail polish? It was in honor of Spiderman 3- which was better than the other two, which doesn't mean it's a good movie, but it's better than the other two. The inside border was this. So much fun. I drew the skull.
I thought the envelope idea was so unique and special and then I realized a see through envelope doesn't make for a very sneaky envelope.

so this is the second time I've written an ending for this blog entry- and that part where blogger saves automatically? Not true- I remember it saying that it had saved my blog as I was right near the end and it deleted it just after the raincoat comment. Oh well- I was very funny and brilliant the first time through- it's a shame really.


jenn said...

And the stamps are wonderful! I have a whole series of cards I want to make with them! You did an awesome job on the card - very creative with the vellum stuff. Who knew?!

Angela said...

That's a fantastic card. Woot!

Eileen said...

Pretty card!

Also, tagged!