Monday, May 07, 2007

Hello- I'm here to scare the children

I mean really. I burnt my face with heat (campfire), the sun (evil), and the wind (sooooo cold and fast as it was coming right off a lake) the entire weekend when camping with the girlguides. I can't use lip balm because my lips react and I get coldsores.

Hence- I am a monster. My upper lip is peeling, cracked, and bleeding, & because I decided to try to save it by using intense lip moisterizer when I got home, I now have a cold sore on my bottom lip. And my face, while isn't as red as before (it was kinda like a tomatoe), literally feels like sandpaper, I kid you not, SANDPAPER! and I think I have permantly ruined my skin forever and ever.

I'm not leaving the house. I'm crying under my blanket with my face in my pillow so the salty tears don't burn my skin anymore.

No like literally, I'm really freaky upset with myself and crying. I'm trying to make it okay by blogging and making it funny, which maybe it will be at one point, but as of right now- I'm quite unhappy. And the tears are totally burning my cheeks. Which is making me laugh because now that's pathetic.


Sheena said...

Sending many hugs! *hug*hug*hug* and kisses! *kiss*kiss*hug*

Angela said...



*kitty headbutts*

I know that kind of burn: it sucks. Hang in there, it will get better.

Annika said...


(Those dots are from Sam.)

I am very sorry that you burned yourself, and that you are feeling so down about it. I promise your skin will get better and will not always feel like sandpaper! Skin is amazing stuff. Try putting aloe on it (you can get aloe vera gel at the drugstore if you don't have any already) to soothe it and help it heal.


jenn said...

What the hell! Why didn't you tell me? (about being so upset, I can see your face)

And yeah, we should get some aloe vera gel. *hugs*

Fyberduck said...

Ohno! I just caught up to this post. You poor thing! Are you still in pain? Have you tried calamine? or a steroid creme?

Laura said...

Egads! I'm so sorry to hear about your poor face. Burns are SO painful and uncomfortable. I know well how upsetting it is to hurt your face. It's hard not to worry about what permanent damage you may have done. However, I think as long as you don't make a habit of burning your face you won't notice any lasting damage. Imagine it's a laser facial; your skin's going to exfoliate and you'll have nice fresh new skin. Just make sure to protect it with lots of sunscreen and a hat.

*kisses and hugs*