Sunday, May 27, 2007

God Hates Us

but really, when you consider how much we mock his institutions (church, homeschooling) it's not that big of a surprise. It was pretty petty of him to rain on our garage sale though. Jerk.

So just a short blog to ask a question- I'm finishing up the journal I made for my upcoming school year since a) I couldn't find a journal that went from July to June and b) I love doing things like this even if they end up looking really homeschool (see?). So I just bought a lined journal and I went in a divided up each page into three sections and then entered in the date from Monday July 2nd 2007 to Wednesday July 16th 2008 (seriously does anyone else find monotonous stuff like that fun?) which only took up just over half of the note book. So then I went and I put in a section for phone numbers and address, projects and marks, academic goals, knitting projects, recommended reads & movies, and Stuff I want- but I still have room for two or three more categories. Any suggestions? For categories or for the recommend read/movie sections?

And Eileen- I am still figuring out the meme, I haven't forgotten.

In other news- Spike doesn't know really what's going on but he sure does like all the boxes. He is very very sneaky.


The Bears said...

Spike in a box!

*much laughing of Bears*

OK Bye

Dogeared said...

Well what kind of films do you like?

I mean with old films, I'd recomment "Charade" (Cary Grant and Audrey Hepburn), and "I Was A Male War Bride" (Cary Grant again).

For a bit of travel/culture, I'd recommend "Pot Luck" (English title, original is "L'Auberge Espagnol"). If you've ever lived and studied in a foreign environment, it really shows some of the things you'll remember - like how the streets are all foreign and unfamiliar initially, but after a while, they become known, familiar - YOURS. You've earnt them, you've walked along them. And how when you go back home, you see things slightly differently, maybe.

Other ones... [ponders]

"12 Angry Men" (Henry Fonda) - classic, involving a jury trapped in a room on the hottest day of the year, having to decide on a unanimous verdict.

"13 Going On 30" - chick flick, funny - and makes you want to dance the "Thriller" dance ;-)

"Duck Soup" - a Marx brothers' film. Just over an hour long, and funny. Watch out in particular for the "mirror" sequence. It's true - good cinema making like that, they just don't make them like they used to. No fancy computer tricks or special effects. Just genuine, talented, inspired creativity. And only an hour long!

"An Inconvenient Truth" - the Al Gore documentary on climate change. Whatever your political bent (or lack thereof, as with me) - it's thought-provoking stuff, and is quite funny in places. The frog analogy is true too ;-)

Let me know if there's any other things you might be interested in, genre-wise. And if you do watch any of these - let me know what you think!

Dogeared said...

Forgot to say - you don't have to have lived abroad to appreciate or like "Pot Luck" - it would just enhance your enjoyment of it, if you had.

Angela said...

Yay for boxes! Zoe tried to get into a cracker box that was set by the door for recycling but her butt is too big.

The girl has her ironing board set up and it's my new favourite place to sleep. She gets cranky when I sharpen my claws on it thought.

The humans really need to get us a proper climbing tree.


Laura said...

How about a section for favourite quotes? It could be just things your friends say that strike you in some way, or something more literary.