Monday, November 16, 2009

Budgety goodness

In part of being productive, I'm trying to stick to a budget and I'm using jars. So far week one has gone pretty well. I was a little over budget. 9.77 over in entertainment (sushi) and I used my emergency 20 for party snacks on Sunday (brie, raspberry jelly, and crackers) but overall, I did pretty well. I didn't drink nearly as much coffee outside of the house as I usually do, so maybe saved six dollars at least there, and, even though I don't know if I would have caved or not, I didn't order take out any of the nights I wanted to because I knew I was going to go out already once that week. It's been really good for me to use cash and to really think about where it's going. I didn't do a baseline or analyze my past spending because I find that really overwhelms me and makes me go to a bad place. This way it's just... me doing what I can right now.

Funny random story, I brushed my teeth a little bit ago and then realized I hadn't put away the rest of my lunch from today. When I put it away I remembered that I hadn't eaten my yogurt. I bought little things of yogurt to eat every day, small enough to not upset my stomach, but still really good for you. Anyhoo, I was all like, whatever, I just brushed my teeth, can't eat yogurt. Then I realized I had only eaten half of Yarnpiggy's delicious pumpkin spice chocolate vegan cake for lunch and still had some leftover.

I need to brush my teeth again before bed.

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