Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Spike is not pleased

I think he was planning tuna for this morning but there is none. He's glaring at me from various hiding places in the living room.

So, I just wondered how other people feel when they miss work. Cause I didn't go to work this morning but it was a sub job, and what's hard is that nobody cares if you don't go, you cancel through an machine. It's like... *poof* you get to stay home. My only thing is is that I am still sick and I'm on some new really fun antibiotics. But when there's nothing obviously sick with you, you're not oozing, or nauseous, or feverish, it's hard to justify staying home. I am glad I stayed home. I tried getting up for work this morning but my body was not having it, it was just like I had shut down entirely.

I was so tired that I couldn't even figure out the coffee maker. I can usually do that on auto-pilot half-dead no matter the time. We are one, the coffee maker and I.

Anyhoo, I'm not on here to be all like 'excuse excuse excuse' I stayed home and no matter what, that was my decision. I could have stayed home because I didn't like my hair, or stayed home because it's a Wednesday, but, this post is about the guilt surrounding not working. I hate that guilt.

And really, Spike's poor attitude is not helping. THERE IS NO TUNA!!!


Anonymous said...

The guilt blows, that's all there is to it. I'm home sick too and the guilt is almost worse than the being sick. But then I think, if I go there and I get other people sick, that's a level of guilt that I just can't imagine. Huh, for a non-religious person, I gotta lot of guilt.

Oh, and the coffee maker? That's the gods way of telling you to have juice, maybe tea, if you can figure out the kettle. :) Feel better soon.

Anonymous said...

I'm the opposite. I believe that everyone should stay home when legitimately sick. ESPECIALLY if they are sick with something contagious. But even if not, if you're only going to be able to put in 10% or 20% of what you should? Stay home, rest up, and come back later at 100%, you know?

Companies that provide adequate sick days, vacation days, and flex days end up with happier, healthier, more productive employees. It's true.

Just re-shape your thinking... you're taking the time to heal yourself and make yourself a better employee for tomorrow. You know?