Tuesday, November 24, 2009


I have some issues with French immersion. One of them being if you have *any* sort of LD you just don't do well, and I don't think any school should be a place where not all learners are welcome. That being said, when I pulled out my knitting after recess to share with them, I've never had so many engaged eyes on me. They were FASCINATED and we had a round room discussion about what they wanted to knit. It was fun.

I didn't work out today :( but I did do a lot of walking. Still, not a good thing if I'm going to beat the Jubbers. I'll deal with this feeling of blue by eating what's left of the ice cream.

In a week and a half there is a big knitting get together swap thingie and I haven't touched my swaps rather intricate knit project for quite a while. Hm. Issues.

I was at the clinic today and there was a young woman next to me who was pretty upset so I went and got her kleenex. She told me she was so embarrased to be crying in a public place and I was like 'oh honey, I've cried in public libraries, on buses, in the bus station, while going though security at the airport, in the middle of a university lecture, and while walking down a very busy street.' Then I felt kinda worse.

And that's that I guess.


Anonymous said...

Did you find out why the woman was crying? I'm so glad you gave her a kleenex and did a bit of comforting. A lot of people would have pretended to not see/hear her pain. :) You're a good soul.

yarnpiggy said...


And if I had a dollar for every time I cried in a public place, I'd be living in Uruguay and living in a spending my days rolling around in Malabrigo.