Friday, November 13, 2009

Just in Blogging Time...

I just went to Circlecraft and managed to not buy anything for myself. I love this guy though. Like.... wow. His stuff was so awesome it made me very sad to leave without any. I got only Xmas presents and am now officially in a Christmas-realization zone. I really wanted these black metal jellyfish you put on the wall but I just couldn't justify it. I may just go get some black paint. I mean. I'm not moving any time soon so whatever. What's a few jellyfish on the damage deposit anyways?

As for fibre Fridays I still can't show you anything because I've been out of the house since ever but I will say that I've noticed with my new haircut that slouchy hats are looking really good on me so I may start one of those soon when I'm done with the Christmas knitting swap thingie.

OMG! Are those more PG birds? Why yes, yes they are.

I promise a real post tomorrow.

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