Wednesday, November 18, 2009

It's totally still Tuesday

It's not even one in the morning on a Tuesday.

And to be fair I didn't think I'd be out this late.

Today's warning: don't buy cake after drinking lots of mead. Because then you pay 11 dollars for this.
Seriously. SERIOUSLY! But at least I didn't pay for dinner. Yeah for dates! And now this cake is in my fridge. It better be good. I don't know how it could be 11 dollars good but whatever.

In happy news I retrieved my expensive umbrella from the restaurant I left it at on Friday. And I got my monthly calendar for next year.
And while I'm here, grapes in caesar salad? Soooooo good. From now on and always, I will put red grapes in my caesar salads. Even if I have to sneak them into restaurants myself.

It's so totally still Tuesday.


Mrs.Q said...

Where were you drinking mead? Burgoo, or is there somewhere else I should know about?

Gabrielle said...

*cackle* Yep, it was Burgoo because I was there womanly navigating my way solo around a dish that contained 12 whole cloves of garlic before a class!

I apologise for not coming over to say hello (on the other hand you might have preferred that I didn't as you were out on a date)!

It was just that I wasn't sure that it was you as I could only see you in profile. My brain wouldn't leave it alone though, so it kept making my head twitch around to see if it was you or not.

Your date spotted me looking over so I am sorry if he thought that you had a stalker or that there was some random woman in the restaurant making eyes at him!

If you were in at 1am, um - am I allowed to guess that it went well.....?!

(Ps, I guess that I am still used to living in a city with 7 million, not 700,000 people. I am not used to seeing people that I know out and about! For me, it's a once in a blue moon event, a real novelty! In London, you would be very unlucky to bump into someone you know if you are out out on a date...)