Wednesday, November 04, 2009

I just had ice cream

Which I think is a great way to start a workout post! I didn't do much today as I had a date (and why yes, that is all I'm going to say about that) but working out is going soooo positively for me right now, really for the first time in my life.

I'm pretty sure it chalks down to yoga. I don't dread yoga at all. Sometimes I'd rather go eat burgers, but frankly, I always would rather be eating so that's moot. I never don't want to go to yoga. Does that make sense?

Yoga is awesome and just so... good for you. I feel so good doing yoga and I feel like I'm doing such good things for my body and for getting to know my body. Slow descent into yoga freak: check. I just don't associate it with all the negative things I tend to do with anything that resembles working out.

Also because of yoga I'm just more likely to go to the gym, either it be on a machine (ellipticals make my feet go numb, what is with that?) or to another class. My sister and I are going to a step class that is pretty intense but really fun. Unlike the step class I went to during university where I never knew what was going on and felt stupid. This instructor is firstly, really jazzed but in a good way, and secondly, shows an achievable move, and then makes it harder for the experts, but the beginners and non-crazy people can continue doing the first move, so we're always moving and not tripping over the step trying to figure out where our feet should be. And then it's always funny because you go from using the step to a mat and you're all like 'oh thank god we're off the step' but then she makes you go through the most drilling ab excerises.

But I still like it.

And that is my workout post.

Last post I showed you my costume but here is my partner-in-crime for the evening....

Sheena the Jungle.. I mean Pirate Queen!
This is just a glimpse of our evening...
and my new boots which I love so very very much.

Good night!


yarnpiggy said...

Yoga sounds good...maybe after I lose, like, a hundred pounds.

We need a better pic of the hawt new boots. :-)

Anonymous said...

I really want to see those boots in person.

Sheena said...

That was a great evening, wasn't it? Let's be partners in crime more often!

Mom said...

Wow - cool boots hon. And Sheen looks so good in her Pirate Queen outfit. Doesn't look at all like a plunderer and pillager!

Mom said...