Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Workout Wednesday Fail

This is what Spike did allllll day. There was no making this cat move.

I've barely worked out this month. And seriously how is it the 18th? I'm going back to the gym tomorrow for step and then yoga on Friday and Monday. I still haven't beat this stupid cold but I roasted and ate an entire bulb of garlic on various pieces of toast today (obviously, didn't have a date tonight). Hopefully I'll be feeling better soon.

And that sliver of cake was not worth 11 dollars. I mean, it was good. I could see paying six dollars for it. But ELEVEN?!?!?! It hurts in a bad, bad way.

I knit today. One more baby sock and, if I can get it done in time, some baby mittens as well, and we'll call it a day.
Could this sock be any cuter?
Hopefully tonight the sleeping will be better. The crazy wind/freezing rain/hail/drowning rain is freaky loud and woke me up continuously. Boourns!

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Jenn said...

I haven't worked out since Oct 30th.