Friday, November 20, 2009

Oh it's on!

Hanging out at my sister's today and I mentioned that I feel like I've gained weight in the past two weeks with being sick and not working out~ then I followed her around her house trying to make her see how jelly like my belly is right now. Anyhoo, she ended up whipping out a measuring tape and excel and booyah~ we're doing some sort of exercise challenge. I don't really understand it but Julia said she knows what she means. Which means she'll win regardless but anyhoo. All I know is that I weigh 155.6 pounds and my number is 91%. I would like to be around the 140s and apparently my number is suppose to be under 80%. We're determining the winner on the 19th of December. I figure I need to have three points every day in order to win. The point system has no set rules. See as follows...

Walked up small hill to second bus stop: +.5
Ate cupcakes: -1
Did weights: +1
Did yoga for two and a half hours: +2
Frowned repeatedly when Julia wanted to order more sushi: +.5
Walked for a ways with Julia: +.5
Didn't buy Kettle chips that were on sale: +.5
Bought chocolate peanut butter soy ice cream: -1.5
Only ate half the container!: +.5 (evidence)
Woo! Three points!

In other news, I all of a sudden was able to get into a yoga pose I had never been able to before! It's not this one, but it's a plow pose. And I also got my shoulders into a position where my yoga instructor made a face and shook her head. I was like, what? Don't feel a thing! But apparently you're suppose to so yeah. Damn hyper-mobility. Oh, and Julia was silently, while trying to be supportive, mocking my total and utter failure at one of the weight machines because even at the lowest weight I could NOT do it. After yoga, Julia said that probably my hyper-mobility that prevented that from happening so that made me feel better.

Fibre content: I'm knitting a cowl to match one of my favorite toques. That is all.


yarnpiggy said...

Dear FSM that looks painful. (The yoga pose, not the ice "cream", which I know to be rather yummy. But nowhere near as yummy as the stuff made with coconut milk. That's all I'm sayin'.)

julia said...

first off, the evidence only shows that you ate at least half of the container... there is no proof that you didn't eat the other half. perhaps if you show the alleged half with an updated newspaper each day...

and i like your points system. i'm going to add for myself
same cupcakes: -1
same weights: +1
same 2.5 hours of yoga: +2
frowning repeatedly when leone wanted to leave after 1 hour of yoga: +.5
walking with yonners: +.5
buying stupid kettle chips on sale, not buying soy ice cream and eating half the chips: -.5
using diet ginger ale as mix for vodka/lime/ginger ale drinks last night when darcie came over +2.
drinking vodka last night -1.5

so i also have 3 points. yah us!

can you move your arms?

Jenn said...

You guys are seriously cracking me up.