Monday, November 09, 2009

Not so much a productive day...

But after watching three episodes of Till Debt Do Us Part (seriously I wanna get a partner and then fight just to go on that show) I've decided to do the jar system. Seriously epic people. Seriously. And I already have the jars!

In other news it is majorly storming outside right now. This rain means I need to use more product in my hair. Have I shown you my hair yet? It's cute. Julia assures me it is retro cute not meh cute.

My day wasn't productive because I should have stayed home today but now I'm all yucky again. So hence, two days in bed and hopefully I can go back on Thursday.

My goals for tomorrow are as follows:

*drink more liquids
*don't eat all the chicken tenders (janes) you bought today just because they are that good. They are for nights you've worked only. Woah awkward statement. Let's just sit back and deal with that sentence shall we?

I'm going to bed.
Why yes, it is a picture of Mal.

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Anonymous said...

Til Debt Do Us Part is dangerous. The moment I discovered you can watch it streaming on was... epic.