Monday, November 02, 2009

Might need reminders...

I think because I haven't really realized it's November yet and because I didn't really angst over whether or not I would do naprobloporomowhatever but just decided to do it~ I did just nearly turn off my computer completely forgetting I needed to blog! Huh.

And this day to day theme thing is great!

Productivity Mania: got groceries and made pizzas to eat and freeze! Did dishes! Worked out! Went to work! Got stuff for my passport done! Mailed stuff! Exchanged mouse!

I haven't knit yet, and may not... I'm kinda tired. And I accidentally cooked the pizzas that I was going to freeze uncooked but that's fine too. I like how I consider going to work productive. Anyhoo, tomorrow I'm going to do lots of laundry even if it kills me. Augh. What would I give for insuite laundry?

Holy rambling blog entry Batman.

Expect more. I'm out and about every evening and nearly every day till next Tuesday. NEXT TUESDAY! But I'm the bartender at Kyrsten's bollywood party so you know, that'll make it all worth it. Measure? What?

I am a faerie princess!


Jenn said...

How cute are you!!?? Oh yes.

Sheena said...

Love the fairy princess!

Anonymous said...

Very nice Yonners!

Anonymous said...

Sorry.....please attach to last comment - Love Mom