Sunday, November 22, 2009

Is it December yet?

Did I tell you about Saturday? It was an awesome day. I had brunch with a most marvelous group of women though I did feel bad for the one married in our group. She had to put up with a whole lot of single people talk but then she pulled over her wheel and I was very distracted from any such other talk than fibre. It was an awesome brunch though and I always love seeing people's homes and how much character can just come through in that space. And there was turkey bacon and popovers. You want to be me. Admit it.

After that I took the most painfully long bus ride on a bus that clearly needed maintenance. It took nearly double the amount of time to get to where I was going which resulted in me rushing to purchase a gift bag. I was already five minutes late to meet my friends so when I got to the cashier and she rang up the bag as SIX DOLLARS there was nothing I could do but pay it and run. What's with me getting ripped off lately? At least it's only cake and gift bags, and relatively small amounts of cash. Regardless, I was not pleased.

From the overpriced store I met my friends and we eventually made it to a friend's baby shower. She's the first of really my age group of friends to have a baby. Other people my age have babies but not anyone I know well enough to go to a shower for. It's a little freaky but it's all good. It's also my high school friend circle as well so it's crazy. They are actually our only high school sweetheart couple too! All in all it was a really nice time and awesome food. Samosas all around!

Anyhoo, today was pretty laid back. I did some more spinning and started a new book which I love. It was nice spinning with my friend on Saturday because we agreed about our feelings on hand spun yarn. I honestly cannot wait to ply the current stuff but it's taking me forever to spin it! Did I post a picture of the last batch that went to Nina? Here's a bad shot of it but you get the gist.
Laceweight it's not but I love it all the same :)


Anonymous said...

what book is it?

Sheena said...

Saturday was great. I'm glad we all went. Even if it took forever to get there!