Thursday, November 12, 2009

So I'm Thinking...

about stuff.

I'm wondering if by April 1st, 2010, I could have no projects on the needles. Like none. That would just be the most exhilarating feeling ever! And I even mean my knee high socks that I've been working on for three years (I swear like 20 more rows but it's black ribbing on tiny needles!) and my rainbow bright blanket too. Sometimes I think the goal isn't lofty enough. Sometimes I think it's too far away to be realistic, like how will I know what's happening in the world of knitting at that point? All I know is I want to lessen the amount of knitting projects I have on the go right now, and I have only three major projects upcoming... Meg's shawl (which I think I will do during the olympics), my sister's sweater, and my Aunt's cardigan. But I don't know... no projects on the needles? Hard to imagine.

I'm also wondering what can be done about my room. I moved out again. I just don't like my room. I prefer sleeping in the living room even though I do like my bed but it feels like my room isn't part of my apartment per say. I dunno. I need to do something with that space to make it more integrated into the rest of my apartment.

I'm wondering what to do about my cat. He's kinda weird. Have I told you that he now won't drink water out of the bowl? He'll only drink water from the tap, pooled in the bathtub, from the toilet, or water that's flavored with food, but he won't eat the soggy food afterwards. Drives. Me. Bonkers.

I'm wondering what to do with the massive pot of yam soup I made yesterday. It's super good and very fun. I accidently bought a big can of lentils instead of chick peas while sick and decided to throw them in the soup with a tonne of corn too. Mmmmmmm... the only thing missing was roasted garlic thrown in with the blender stage but I wasn't willing to walk back to safeway for the garlic. Which is weird cause normally I would. Stupid cold. But seriously, it's a whole lot of yam soup. I mean, I've got nothing on Hilary and her... beans.

I'm wondering how much I'll fall down on my credit card while at the circlecraft tomorrow.

In unrelated news, I have no photos because it's dark all the time here and none of my photos are turning out which is a shame because I finished a baby sweater and am down to one sleeve on my easy peasy cardigan. So here's a cool bird in our tree in Prince George.


Princess Darcy (better known as Girl) said...

dude... how about I help you with the bedroom problem? I used to have an interior design company and maybe an extra set of eyes will help? Plus, I wouldn't mind snuggling the cat might drink water out of a bowl, but he won't let me snuggle him!

Jenn said...

That was a really cool bird.

Hey, what about doing something weird like putting your computer and desk in the bedroom so you'll be in there more? Or your TV?

I know that muck up the "bedrooms are for sleeping" ideas lots of people talk about, but you aren't sleeping in there regardless.