Saturday, November 14, 2009

Seriously Saturday... Silly Saturday... Solemn Saturday...

I tried to get photos today but I was still having trouble photographing the red and then my camera battery died. Not my fault! I am happy to say that I did a tonne of work on the apartment today and tomorrow I will post photos. I changed around my bedroom a lot so I'll want to know what you think. Darcy, maybe you can give me some hints for next time I go to Ikea in January!? We could have lots of fun.

And that's it for my blog today. Seriously I just cleaned and organized today! That's it. It was kinda fun. I'm excited about the new bedroom layout. And I'm trying to figure out how to cover my walls with jellyfish. Seriously I'm all about the jellyfish now. Any good suggestions for wall thingies that won't kill my damage deposit? I did kinda consider my black acrylic and claim they were there when I moved here. We'll see.

Photos tomorrow! Lots and lots of photos!

I can't even remember what I'm suppose to be blogging about.

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Princess Darcy (better known as Girl) said...

Well... I guess now I can't fake the fact that I have not been working... since i'm well into your archives and have just seen my name! YES! Let's go to Ikea! I can help! *Unless you meant some other Darcy... in which case just forget the fact that I'm clearly full of myself!*