Saturday, November 07, 2009

Saturday of Sheesh

Story Saturday? What was I thinking? I can't think of any stories! Ugh.

Um..... okay.

Once upon a time there was a clean apartment. It had spaces that were entirely empty. It had a distinguishable floor. The books weren't stacked up, down, sideways, and over there somewhere. It didn't have dustballs that were threatening the cat. It didn't have laundry in every single room on every single surface. It wasn't covered in kleenex and teacups. All the fibre in this apartment was... well it was still everywhere but it wasn't so haphazard. The desk wasn't drowning in paper. The bed was for sleeping and not for storing more stuff. And it just looked... nice.

But this apartment was cursed! By the evil warlocks and witches of Laziness, Head-Coldness, and All-Around-Contempt-For-Cleaningness, it had became a rather uninspiring land. And frankly we're in danger of losing the cat somewhere. Like remember, in Who's That Girl when they meet that really rich guy in the mansion and he says that he's lost his butler and so the others think he meant his butler died but then the rich guy says 'I think he's in the west wing somewhere. At night I hear him crying.' TOO FUNNY! But wouldn't be funny if that happened to Spike. I have shut him in closets before because he'll crawl into the funniest places to sleep. Anyhoo... the apartment is cursed! For many a moon now and the day of Judgement will be this Wednesday as I try to wrestle the curse from this place and maybe, just maybe, I can photos that look like these to show you. Since these photos were taken in... um... March. Yeah.

Now if I can only get my Mom here to pose in them as well! I love how messy that daybed is but it's still cleaner than it usually is. If I succeed on Wednesday than I can also show you some new stuff in the apartment.

Stay tuned!

(I know this is a dumb post but I'm really tired and still kinda snotty but the exciting thing is I'm about to go watch the first Jurassic Park!) (wheeeeee!)

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Jenn said...

A small human showing up to eat your stuff is good motivation to clean, no?