Monday, November 23, 2009

I wish I controlled the heat in this place

cause then I would CRANK IT!!! (and feel free to take the comment aaaaaaaanyway you would like too)

No matter how to took I would like to state that my apartment is freezing while last night it was sweltering. Phhpt.

In other news, I made and than ate the best guacamole ever. I took my friend Lara's advice to heart and keep the ingredients chunky. It was one large BC tomato, a whole thing of avocado (yes, Yarnpiggy (I totally just typed Parnyiggy), I kept the pits and skins for you), two cloves of garlic, and lemon juice. Super yummy. I ate way too much detailing it was a before dinner snack and three hours later I am still freakishly full. So good. So good.

In other **just as exciting** news, the Beast now has bag feet and I started tacking in the canvas. After all the worry about zippers and all that, it turns out that tacking down canvas is a bitch. It's on my list of things for tomorrow if I don't get called in to work.
Speaking of work today was a really good day. I was with my older kids today and we have been working on a really challenging art project that a lot of them really struggled with but today I saw some amazing pieces and am really proud of the kids. We're working with negative spaces and rather finicky pencil techniques so tough stuff.

Good question, Lady Who Runs For the Bus. I'm reading The Guernsey Literary and Potatoe Peel Pie Society by Mary Ann Schaffer and Annie Burrows.
I just finished it as I thought about it all day today at school. I'd really really recommend it~ it's very vivid and the people are just plain awesome in it. We need to start a book club.

Nothing much to show you for way of productivity. My only art has been decorating the envelope of the baby shower present.
That was fun.


yarnpiggy said...

Mmmmm, guacamole! It's even better with lime juice, and some cumin.

Yes, yes I am trying to get you hooked on the avocados so I can get the pits and skins. :-)

I'd totally like to read that book, too.

Anonymous said...

LOL! But I made the bus! And I was on time! WOO-HOO!