Sunday, November 15, 2009

I'm not as deep as I think I am

Sanguineness Sundays? What was I thinking? All I want is to go to bed.


here we be ninjas sneaking into the Circlecraft by cleverly disabling people. Sneeeeeeeky.
Um... an okay picture of the baby sweater I knit while confined to my couch for three days. Just followed the schema of a regular baby sweater and used a really nice rib-esque pattern from a stitch library.

I took photos of my room but they are super yellow and bad. Try again on Tuesday maybe? The lack of good daylight hours is frightening!

The funny thing about Saturday and spending the day happily organizing and rearranging everything is that Spike goes berserk. It's his form of watching UFC marathon on TV or something. He doesn't like it when I move things and also, when I'm doing stuff, he needs to be in the same room. Now that's fine when I'm on the computer because he just curls on up his yoga mat and sleeps but on Saturday things were pretty noisy and I am was going from room to room. He actually really lost it at one point and freaked out. His tail was HUGE and he was doing that freaky walking sideways thing with his ears back. I gave him some kitty treats and brushed him to help him calm down.

Here he is ontop of my bedroom bookshelf supervising the laundry. He jumped up there while I was moving it which wasn't helpful since it's not the sturdiest of bookshelves and he also slashed at me while I was trying to move it.
Some photos turned out okay. I put my figurines ontop of my dressor~ my little Tuxedo Mask is so cute.
I hemmed the curtains! Only a year and a half after I put them up! And those are some pretty cards Jenn made me so they are getting displayed nicely now.

See what I mean about the yellow? Sigh.

Goodnight all!

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Mom said...

I absolutely love that sweater Leone. It is so pretty. And what we can see of your room looks very impressive. The yellow gives it kind of an antiquey(?) look. Spike looks right at home, as usual.