Saturday, November 08, 2008

Besides not breathing I was fine!

The first part of the bridge (remember?) took my breath away but I crossed anyways. I was pretty teary by the other side and was non-verbal~ poor Jolene had to guide me over. I mean, we had already paid and I had committed myself so I just kept walking despite the insane fear- the heart-pounding-in-my-throat-I'm-going-to-vomit kinda fear. I think I was ill-prepared for just how much I was going to freak out. It's not fun. So not fun. I was much better going back though, still didn't enjoy myself but I talked to Jolene and even took a photo (turned out blurry). But yeah- here's the bridge from the far side. It was a very rainy, foggy day but we had a really nice time. We got there early and avoided all the tours.
Here's the river we crossed over the bridge. The fog was okay when we were there but when we left we noticed it had gotten really foggy- couldn't see the mountains or anything.
On the far side we did the treewalker tour which was something that I think normally would have scared me but after the bridge it was fine. It was fun actually. I liked that the walkways were narrower so that I felt more enclosed and safe while up high.
Between Jolene and I, I think we took a hundred photos (mostly of leaves and trees- imagine that) (oh, and today at Van Dusen Gardens we took about another hundred photos of, well, leaves and trees).

But I'm so so tired. We left at 9am Friday morning and I didn't return till about 2:30 am on Saturday (I was an awful mixture of dirt-ass tired and drunk). I had to work today for four hours and then we went to the Gardens and then on the bus home I almost died. It was all I could do to get in the apartment and crawl into bed. Jolene is one of those awesome house guests- the ones that cook awesome stirfry and then clean the kitchen. I want to marry that one. Then we got bubble tea and rented Kung-Fu Panda~ awesomeness. We were suppose to go out tonight to some clubs but since I'm vacant girl we decided to stay in. So far we have crammed so much into her visit- fun fun house party, Japadog (I didn't know they had a website!), went on the seabus, visited North Van, I taught her to knit in a coffee shop (not starbucks), bubble tea, Kadoya sushi, VAG, downtown...

God I'm tired.

I have a big photo blog I want to do with all the photos I've taken (seriously- trees and leaves) but maybe later. I'm going to go to bed.

Good night!


yarnpiggy said...

I guess I shouldn't tell you about how I used to run across that bridge just to scare the crap out of the tourists, eh?

I knew you'd be just fine! :-)

jenn said...

Well done! You sound like us at the bridges in Costa Rica. White knuckle the whole way!

Angela said...

Good for you for managing it! I'd be likely to freeze and need to be carried.