Friday, November 21, 2008

Graduation 08

So obviously I found my uploader~ it was on top of my laundry hamper, which makes perfect sense. Why do I always think 'on top' is one word?

So anyhoo, graduation yesterday. I had a very nice time, only regretted going once and that was when I walked into the center but otherwise it was all good. I started out by getting my eyebrows done which in retrospect should have done the day before but the redness went down eventually and well before Grad. I met my dear friend Essie (not her real name but it seems to be a favorite alias of hers) at Starbucks and we headed over freakishly early so we had time to take photos and generally be reallly immature.
I dressed very scholary. The toque is made from my NY yarn from Jim and Jenn and the scarf is Noro Iro.

These next two photos were taken post grad and are fuzzy but the first person is my FA, Debbie, who rocks my world. She really, really didn't want her photo taken but I insisted. She has taught me so much- it's crazy. She's totally my teaching guru (next to my Mom).
Jant is the other instructor in my program and while not my FA was very influential and important to my education.
Frankly, getting dressed in the gowns was the most fun. The cohort found a spot to gather and we just caught up and got fancy and it was all good.

Here's a shot of Ryan and I cause I look good here. I totally stabbed Ryan with a pin while fixing his robe. Sorry dude.
Me and half of my team teacher.
And then the ceremony. I knit.

I am so obsessed with these socks now. All other projects may have to go on hold till I finish these socks. Which doesn't bode well for Xmas really. And a lot of drunk men at the lounge last night were interested in these socks too. More about that later.

And here is me...graduated. Woo.

Afterwards I met up with my family (Jason- BIL) and we had an AWESOME dinner at um.. this french place... it is really good I just cannot remember its name. Downtown- Davie and Thurlowish, new. Very good. I had the free range rotisserie chicken and Jason has mussels and we both got these skookum french fries and really really nice glasses of wine. Then we went to a fancy pants hotel and had dessert and drinks at their lounge. It was funny because at one point a slightly intoxicated older gentleman came over to remark on my knitting. He started saying something to me about 'how lucky I was' that this man here- points to Jason- supports my knitting (or something like that) and I was worried he was going to make a 'husband' remark but oh no- he then turns to Jason and says 'it's nice for you to take your daughter out'. So we went from ackward to just plain weird in 2 seconds flat. Another intoxicated man came and joined us in front of the fire, talked to me about my knitting a bit, and then proceeded to fall asleep and snore.

When I asked Jason if he would put on my grad cap and let me take his picture he frowned and said he would have to finish his drink first. It turned out moot because it was so dark outside you can't tell- except that he's crossing his arms out of displeasure at wearing the cap but laughing because the wind was blowing it off his head.
So now it's the day after and I'm at home- a little bit hungover and a lot tired but I have very nice eyebrows and a piece of paper which means I can start teaching... oh wait, already doing that. Well it means that I'm recognized... wait, already was. Hm.... I guess it mean that I have more stuff now? Ah... stuff.
I kinda like it.


jenn said...

OMG this post made me laugh so HARD! A couple of times! Congratulations!!!

Anonymous said...

Awesome! Congrats girl. :)

knitpixie said...

Congrats! I so wish I'd thought to bring knitting to my grad last month. Mind you, it might have been difficult to knit while shivering so much. I hear ubc grads are inside? Lucky ducks.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations darling. Dad and I were with you in spirit all day. I am so glad everything turned out so well. Love that you put the photos on. And your night out with Jason was obviously lots of fun. What is it with you and older men??!!
Love Mom