Saturday, November 22, 2008

Random Funny Things

I bought a Gordon Lightfoot CD at Safeway and when I was going through the till the middle-aged woman picked up the CD, looked at me, then looked at the older man in line behind me and says to him 'is this yours?' and I'm like 'um... that's mine.' So then she looked at me again, looked at the CD, then turned it so the cover (Gordon Lightfoot's face) was facing me and kinda gave me this look like 'you know it's an old bearded man right?', not in a mean way, just in a- she was trying to give me the heads up about it. I nodded and she scanned it through.

I left my knitting at my coffee job beside the till when I closed the other night which meant that I totally got busted for knitting at work. My boss hasn't said anything and I know she doesn't care (cause I rock at my job) but still, way to be sleuthy Leone! And it also meant I couldn't work on my sock last night when I got home.

Today at work I asked someone if they wanted a sesame or a whole-grain bagel and they said 'whole-grain' so I turned to my coworker and asked her to toast a 'sesame whole-grain bagel' and when she gave me a weird look I added 'to go'. Then turned around and proceeded with the rest of the order.

Sheena and I went on the Eastside Cultural Crawl today and I came this -><-close to buying a painting that I would have paid up to 600$ for. This one isn't so much funny as random. I think it may have been more than that if I had ever found the artist anyways.

Okay- see you tomorrow.

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jenn said...

Oh good, bring the CD with you when you come at Christmas! I love Gordon!